Dazzle: The latest designs in casual handbags

Handbags are an accessory that every woman used to go everywhere, can not live without one. Different colors, styles, patterns, shapes, but are always there.

We put them all we can. Many times they do come in a small bag more things than normal. We provided a thousand things in our bags from everything you need and of course also want to look cute with them andcombine our attire.

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We also know that there are different designs and we have many to choose from, but this time we will focus on casual handbags , yeah, those bags that you can use every day and you can take anywhere.

Here are some well-known brands , I know you will love and can be inspired by them.

Backpack bag design. Stamping animal print . It takes several magazines both internally and externally.Combination with gold accents and fringes that fall on the front.

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Black bag that you can combine with what you want. It has compartments in the front, sides and internally.The handles fit your comfort. Also carries small blemishes and shiny with the brand name, which gives it aunique contrast.

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Color Earth with double handles for carrying over the shoulder or to cross in the chest, you can adjust the length of it or remove it if you wish. It has a zipper at the top with top opening and internal zippered pockets. In the part of the flap carries a zippered pocket and takes asymmetrical stripes. Details antique gold color.

b1710  bc1

Bag with Two-way zip. Double shoulder strap. The shape is more elongated and carries a pocket in the front. Internally it has compartments for cell or for storing small things.

07518  bc2

Spangle. handbag with handles to the back that can be adjusted. This design has several compartments and carries small straps to close and adjust the bag and pockets. Color reflects contrast brings nature and due to its pattern.

07518  bc8

Natural color with long handles. spacious , this bag has an inside pocket with buckle on the front and an edge in coral color. Perfect for hanging out with your friends.

af196  bc3

Purple handbag with double handle . If you are looking for something to wear to the gym or for your classes, you can choose this option.

76ac9  bc4

Beige bag with sealing details in color. Design type rectangular pocket in the front. It has handles to carry the shoulder and across the chest, which can be removed if you prefer. Can you take classes for yourcollege or university.

76ac9  bc5

Turquoise bag you can carry anywhere, at a walk, to go out every day, for truth , and so you can take necessary as documents, money, etc.. It takes two latches on the front.

4b7f0  bc6

This bag plays with colors and different designs in print. Horizontal lines. Elongated and super spacious .Can you take it to your everyday life and place everything you want. One of the handles can be removed, since it carries hooks on the sides.

78330  bc7

This black bag is a classic that you must have, as with everything , it has several compartments and is large and spacious. You can use it for your trips to your class or to the gym.

78330  bc11



Dazzle: The latest designs in casual handbags


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