10 Decorative Christmas ideas for a wall

If one of the things I like most about Christmas is decorating the house for the holidays in the run every year and if you want to innovate with a different decorative style, you’;ll love seeing these sets very sticky Christmas decorations for walls, occupy little space and are fun and funky.

It is a series of vinyl PIXERS composed of a Christmas tree and various Christmas themes, all of them ready to cut. Children’;s and most other models designed for adults, and there are even retro chic styles and have the advantage that the adhesive can be moved, so the appearance of the tree can change whenever we want.


Christmas Wall for smaller home


bef80  ChristmasDecals PIXERS 27613446

If there is something nice for Christmas is to see the reflected illusion in the face of the little house, is designed for children especially the tree we can see in the picture above and you can even put in your own room.

Many small Christmas trees create a large Christmas tree

bef80  PIXERS XMassTree 3

If looking for an original and creative design we can choose a composition as image on these lines in which a lot of small Christmas trees end up forming a much larger one.

Angels, stars and candy canes

fdee6  PIXERS XMassTree 1

There are reasons that are never lacking in Christmas classics of all times as we see them bring to mind childhood memories and so many Christmases of the past.Angeles, stars and candy canes are among those featured as reasons.

Birds decorating a Christmas tree for tweeters

64b88  PIXERS XMassTree 7

But not everything have to be traditional motifs, we can also decide to decorate our tree with more innovative and different reasons, such as small birds . At the end of the day the birds have for us, tweeters, a very special meaning and is not at all unusual to find them on the branches of a fir tree.

Santa Claus also has a place on the walls of our home

64b88  PIXERS XMassTree 9

And the Christmas tree, Santa Claus is also one of the protagonists of these festivals worldwide. For him there will also be high on one of our walls place either on the wall of the room or impact on the children’;s bedroom.

Christmas Tree Light highlighting on dark background

64b88  PIXERS XMassTree 6

The Christmas tree stands especially on white, but if we have our painted in a dark color wall can also consider the option of placing a clearer tree she and create a beautiful and original contrast, as we see in the image on these lines.

Green and red are the stars of Christmas

17bf8  WindowFilm PIXERS 57488581

The classic colors and want to decorate your home at this time of the green, red and white are the most traditional Christmas ringtones for excellence. In the table, on the walls or even windows, these shades will always be good and bring that touch of Christmas we want for our home.

Intense colors and geometric patterns in Christmas decorations too

17bf8  PIXERS XMassTree 4

But the green and red are not the only Christmas colors and stars and balls are not the only ways to decorate. We can think of other, more modern alternatives, Christmas wall decorations in lively, rich tones of all types and geometric motifs as striking as those in the picture above.

Besides the walls we can decorate our windows with stickers

17bf8  Deer PIXERS WindowFilm 56862250

As we mentioned above or vinyl stickers can be placed not only on walls, but also in furniture or even on the windows . Thus not only the decor will be for us, but also will be sharing with our neighbors and those who pass in front of our home.

An elegant black and white tap also at Christmas

17bf8  BlackDeers PIXERS 43852275

And finally if the red and green not convince you, but also the intense colors and if you seek an intimate holiday decor, but at the same time discreet and elegant, you can opt for something type what we see in the picture above .Reindeer in black and white that can decorate our wall at Christmas or all winter.

10 Decorative Christmas ideas for a wall


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