Beautiful heels and boots season!

We all like to be fashionable and are always looking for what to wear, how to combine our clothes, our shoes, get what accessories and more. So this time we show new designs … But what? Well, of shoes and boots this season.

You can guide you about the models and see what you like and find something. We know that the platforms, high heels, wedge or wider are now and what good, what better than to combine them with our clothes.

And if you are of those women who do not like to show off a lot, because you expect to start now, I’m sure you’ll look perfect, beautiful and fashionable with these shoes. So try new changes and options in your shoes . Here are the models and designs:

Cute booty studded on the front platform and wedge heel design with animal print. can combine it with a short black skinny jeans or leggings or dressed to go out to parties, meetings or whenever it’s convenient.

1c853  ezapatos1

Like the previous, this boot is wedge heel, an asymmetrical design on top and super combined color. Wear with your skinny jeans, leggings and a green black, beige, yellow blouse, blue, pale pink or .

1c853  ezapatos2

Platform high heels with gold design. The material of the shoe is in bright color and wear studs in the heel.You can wear them with a black dress or black jeans or shorts for your parties or go to the disco.

72b0c  ezapatos3

Beautiful black shoes with asymmetrical design in copper color and wide heel. You can combine them with black or nude dress, some black leather leggings or a high black shorts.

72b0c  ezapatos4

Boots with studs and lug width , super comfortable so that you can use for both your casual outings or to go to a meeting.

909fd  ezapatos5

Well, we are talking about shoes and fashion, will talk about the last thing the ECCO brand has for us. This company has 24 years in the market, also has in its portfolio with three brands, which are, Ecco, Ecco Impuls and signature. We were at the launch of her new collection at one of its stores in CC La Rambla. Thiscollection “Winter 2013″   brings new designs and models for all of us. Here we show some pictures of what we found.

Ankle boots with western style and biker. Leather, combining cute with shorts, jeans or leggings and a blouse the color you want, either black, earth tones, blue, pastel, to go out with your friends, casual outings or go to a meeting.

4bafa  ecco1

Short boots with platform. Fringes on front. Wear them with skinny jeans or leggings to go to a meeting or go have fun with your friends.

4bafa  ecco2

Beautiful and wide platform bootie high heel. Design snakeskin on the front and the heel. You can use it with your skinny jeans with some black leggings or shorts or jean cloth.

a146f  ecco6

Models showing Ecco designs, blue shoes with studs on the heel that can take your holiday and cream shoes with silver tips which you can use for an exit, party, or to go to the office.

Beautiful heels and boots season!


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