Original lamp shade design in animal shape

If you are among the people who like to tinker and stand on unusual lamp shade design, then you are right. We provide today announced the incredible lamps of the designers Maik Parfahl and Wolfgang List. They both had the goal of creating through their creative, interdisciplinary collaboration, complex, yet easy to assemble objects that are also affordable in this case. Thus, the 2 also have Découvertes MAISON & OBJET 2012 award won in Paris.

First, the lampshade design was developed on the computer in 3D form and subsequently transferred to paper. The sketches are accurate statements and the ranges for the bond are fixed. In this way, the customer can compose his lamp itself conveniently to the instructions. The original lamp shades are available as pendant, floor or table lamps, they are on the day as sculptures and even as funny masks. The price of 35 euros per piece is very reasonable and this is also great fun on DIY.

How do you find these gorgeous penguin?

eb881  lampenschirm design pinguin stehlampe

As a floor lamp it looks very original

eb881  lampenschirm design leuchtender pinguin

Equally impressive is the fox

eb881  lampenschirm design fuchs

A sweet deer on the table illuminates the room

eb881  lampenschirm design tischleuchte reh

A guard dog in a stylized form

eb881  lampenschirm design pendelleuchte hund

The luminous owl looks very majestic, right?

eb881  lampenschirm design stehlampe eule

More Christmas spirit under the Christmas tree

eb881  lampenschirm design eule lampe am tannenbaum

As a white sculpture on the day

eb881  lampenschirm design wei%C3%9Fe eule

Thus, the goods are being delivered to the customer

eb881  lampenschirm design eulenlampe verpackt

The pendant lights look even more remarkable when they are close to the wall

eb881  lampenschirm design h%C3%A4ngelampe in hund form

Resourceful and multifunctional

eb881  lampenschirm design in tierform

Do you get more pleasure craft? The festive season is just right for such a DIY lampshade design, right?

Original lamp shade design in animal shape


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