Stylish and failed – Luxury Dog Accessories by Nendo

We present the chic collection of dog accessories from Japanese design studio Nendo – it’;s about exclusive dog accessories, which was specially en2rfen for the lifestyle magazine PEN. Each set consists of dog house, food bowl and toys and is available in white and black. The modern minimalist design of the accessories fascinated with its simplicity and multi-functionality. All parts have geometric shapes and are not only stylish but also just awesome.

The dog house is reminiscent of an igloo made of synthetic leather, if the dog is indoors and transforms into a pillow when the animal is staying on. The food bowl was made out of ceramic and has 2 Sei8. On the one hand it can be used as a food bowl and the other as a water bowl. The toy is made of silicone rubber and is convertible – the bone to the ball when you press the 2 Sei8.

 Prepare your dog a great pleasure

a28fb  exklusives hundezubeh%C3%B6r tierh%C3%A4uschen offen

Original and modern for fashion conscious dogs

a28fb  exklusives hundezubeh%C3%B6r minimalistisches desing

Small stylish igloos in black and white

a28fb  exklusives hundezubeh%C3%B6r hundeh%C3%A4user in schwarz und wei%C3%9F

Simple comfort

a28fb  exklusives hundezubeh%C3%B6r wei%C3%9Fes set

Sophisticated design

a28fb  exklusives hundezubeh%C3%B6r spielball und knochen

Food bowl with 2 sides

a28fb  exklusives hundezubeh%C3%B6r futterschale und teller in einem

Ceramics in geometric form

a28fb  exklusives hundezubeh%C3%B6r futternapf

The flatter side is perfect for the dog food

a28fb  exklusives hundezubeh%C3%B6r schwarze futterschale

Dogs are playing balls very much

a28fb  exklusives hundezubeh%C3%B6r ball in schwarz

But they love bone

a28fb  exklusives hundezubeh%C3%B6r stilisierter knochen

The mesh design of the collection not only ensures a stable support and flexibility of the products, but provides a distinctive character when it comes to exclusive dog accessories.

Stylish and failed – Luxury Dog Accessories by Nendo


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