Top Accessories for winter: Warm and stylish!

Winter came! and this season gives you the opportunity to wear the best outfits with style and especially good warm. Winter accessories are always my favorites Want to know what’s hot? Pay attention!

Women’s hats

It’s cold and protect yourself the best way to not end up contracting a disease but it is not a matter of anything placed on the head, you have to choose the right hat for you and go with the style of your outfit.

For example, the most common are now berets , there are beautiful colors and all models. But not every girl looks good on this type of accessories, usually if your head a little big, you get a beret, you will achieve a worse visual effect and you do not favor, in such cases it is advisable to put the bonia sideways andespecially with her ​​hair.

d411f  accesorios invierno 1

d411f  accesorios invierno 2

There are many ways to use a beret and if you want to know how to use it, I left a video to teach youChoose the best fit you!

A beret can also be used as an ideal complement to the outfit because its color and style, help to highlight whatever you’re wearing. So I recommend you buy many styles and especially all the colors you can, to combine all the possible ways these models Note!

d4526  accesorios invierno 3

95076  accesorios invierno 4

Best gloves:

I do not consider myself a chilly person, however the only part of my body that always suffers in the cold are my hands. It is important for me to always keep my hands warm so I am lover of gloves and I have all sizes, all colors and all models.

If you work or have work but you also have to meet cold, which I suggest you use is mittens, gloves mittens are not covered fingers, so you can use your keyboard or holding things, for example. models are harboring much , I have mittens in addition to the hands, forearm and cover help keep you warmer.

95076  accesorios invierno 6

3898b  accesorios invierno 7

3898b  accesorios invierno 8

There are gloves for everyday, those who harbor correctly to your routine, but there are gloves for the night, these are the most elegant. You can use them at night with a gala dress, to go to the disco or dinner.Some are silk, lace and others are others are longer than usual , they are the most flirtatious.

Scarves and pashminas:

I love scarves because they generate a contrast throughout the outfit, if you know to use color properly.It’s all about being bold and daring, use colors that would not use the other. should not be afraid of colorBe different from others!

62479  accesorios invierno 9

0f9c8  accesorios invierno 10

0f9c8  accesorios invierno 11

The pashminas not harbor as much as scarves, but are perhaps more feminine and they have many more ways to replace. Here is a video that shows you all the possibilities you have:

You know it! Although the winters it is cold, you have a great excuse to see, use every possible accessories and fun salt Luck!

Top Accessories for winter: Warm and stylish!


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