Baroque Trend: Everything you wanted glamor to your accessories!

If you always like to be up to date in fashion, you have to know everything about the new baroque trend.’ll love the models bracelets, shoes, belts and even lenses alone brings you this new trend Pay attention!

Baroque: Present on the runways

Get ready for this autumn winter 2013! This year will tackles the baroque trend , which has already been present on the runways since last year.

Brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain, Gucci, Lanvin and Chane l shown in their new collections this style influences, not only in their outfits but also accessories, shoes and handbags.

If you want to try this trend, recognized the clothes and accessories of this style for their details in rhinestones, their geometric appliques and embroidery that revive ancient France.
High fashion baroque


All bracelets on your wrists Baroque Trend!

We are always in search of elegance but the question we always ask ourselves is How to get a glamorous look? It’s hard, I know, try not to overdo it and strategically combine the accessories you use . Although many believe that less is more, this year the trend Baroque mark the time in the internacionale gateways s, so I’ll make a list of the most beautiful bracelets that can be used for a baroque look.

54049  tendencia barroco 9

Baroque bracelets are characterized by excess details


Generally the baroque trend is characterized by the excess details , you see the big and shiny gems are part of the gallery, in addition to wide straps that cover your wrist, I recommend this style of bracelets for you as I have dolls wide, you definitely stylized.

bbb9b  tendencia barroco 12

Baroque Bracelet How beautiful details!


The color gold, silver, turquoise and orange are the most common in the baroque trend. Their accessories not go unnoticed by its elegance and excess in detail, but is a controlled excess, although it sounds contradictory, because everything fits perfectly.

bbb9b  tendencia barroco 13

Bracelets baroque trend’ll love!


Not only have at your disposal bangles, bracelets sophisticated but also, for example in the above model can clearly appreciate the baroque influence in its stylized bonding and its largest gem lilac.

Shoes and Bags

Accessories certainly are an indispensable complement to complete an outfit, for example, a dress should be properly a portfolio according to the occasion and in turn, with the sunglasses of a color to match. So I leave you a list of accessories Baroque style that I liked:

aef89  tendencia barroco 221

Beautiful details in heels


Details on rhinestones characterize the heels of Baroque influence , as you can see are perfect for a night outfit. Do not combine with a striking dress, unlike with something understated.

aef89  tendencia barroco 26

Bags with baroque details


Handbags love me if you dare to use this style of clothes because it is very ornate for your taste you can use a portfolio model, as the embroidery and designs are exquisite. Perfect for a party at night, as it will look very elegant and distinguished.

I hope you’ve known a little more about the Baroque trend and you will be excited to purchase any ofthese accessories . Will become fashionable this season autumn-winter and surely you will find in all the major stores your location Luck!


Baroque Trend: Everything you wanted glamor to your accessories!


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