Guide Shoes: New models that you can not miss!

It is impossible not to have a pair of shoes in our closet, as it not only serves to make sport if not to wear aurban look , so in this post I will teach the models modern market I pay attention!

Top Brands

Before shoes were only used for sport, the only model available was the classic white and comfortable with hard zuela, to provide you with physical activity. But now, it is not necessary today, go to the gym towear sneakers, we can use a daily outfit to go out with our friends.

Years ago, ceased to be just white, we now have countless designs, colors, or even jeweled studs, details that you’ll love.

All know and love Zara, since their products are not only excellent quality, but also consist of exquisite taste. If you are using Zara know you’re original, so this brand has launched new models of shoes for this 2013.

The characteristics of modern shoe is high cut , booties type, with details like studs , which are trendy and earthy colors for autumn-winter 2013 season.

659c7  zapatillas modernas 9

  •  Isabel Marant Sneakers

Everyone talks about the sneakers Isabel Marant , have certainly caused a furor around the world, for its original designs that unfortunately have also been targeted by the imitations that have had great success.

Despite having a reputation for having some affordable for ordinary people, it may be that one factor that contributes to the charm of these shoes, and you make a product look unique and elegant.

Those who have opted for the Isabel Marant sneakers true, could not be more happy and proud with his decision Want to see some of your designs?

a06a3  zapatillas modernas 11

Isabel Marant Sneakers and urban Exclusive!


The Xti shoes , we provide models not only cute but also comfort and functionality, and you can combine it virtually with everything and so have had great success in several countries.

The brand maintains Xti models fashion trend, ie high-waisted platform and also provides you with original colorways That’ll love!

a06a3  zapatillas modernas 12

Xti Shoes with platform


The slippers Hakei  has also grabbed the attention of several women interested in pursuing original products. Excellent quality and modern models with colors you’ll love for this autumn-winter 2013 season.

The main features of this sneaker line is once again, the high waist and metallic colors s, which are in any fashion.

ee74c  zapatillas modernas 131

Slippers Hakei’ll love!


The best colors for shoes

It is very important to choose the right color for a pair of sneakers, obviously this depends on you require for your pair of premium sneakers and what color your wardrobe. I last year, I bought a camel colored shoes and believe me they are very useful because they combine quite yet. I think those classic white sneakers are not already! In any case, I prefer the nude color or colore bone.

Now, as you have seen the sneaker models have original combinations and that is not bad but when combined can be a bit tricky, especially for the more conventional women. So I wanted to focus on these wacky combinations and give you some outfit ideas to make you look great.

ee74c  zapatillas moda 1

Blue slippers I love this look!


The blue color comes hard this season and I can not be happier because I love this color, about the color offashion specialist in style Sofia Terrones said:

“Trendy colors for this season, so winter approaches, are strong colors, before you could actually see how crazy or bizarre, however currently neon colors and combining them. D Despite this, traditional tones still are popular, such as blue color, caramel color, red (in slippers is very good) and yellow ”

88194  zapatillas moda 2

Combining modern shoes with any outfit


The combinations are strange, but do not be intimidated by that, the whole colors Fashion Gone! Dare to combine in a more daring way to wear skirts or shorts with slippers, exist ome basic rules for not desatinarbecause not that anything goes, so I asked Sofia Terrones, fashion expert and she told me:

“The color combinations are fashionable, but keep in mind the first rule is to know what place you’re going.Since not all the places you are allowed to use slippers and also the occasion, whether it is an important event or an informal meeting. Although, there are models more sophisticated slippers, usually there will always be considered an urban product. ”

I leave a very interesting video that will clarify your doubts about the right combination of shoes shows a sexy urban look!

Original and stylish Slipper

There are many models of shoes that can get your attention, some with studs, which are fashionable, some with metallic colors, others with flats and other high-waisted style. Depends on what you plan to use, it is clear that, but you can use the same pair of sneakers for different outfist Are you interested in knowing what types of shoes on the market?

159db  zapatillas moda 3

Different styles of shoes for you


Fringed with high waist, studded with rhinestones and up. Anything goes! I recommend you buy more than one so you can match with different outfits A mie I like all!

Guide Shoes: New models that you can not miss!


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