Kitchen island home – advantages and practical advice

The kitchen island is a practical and convenient solution for kitchen equipment. The only downside is that it takes up more space, but it has a multifunctional character.Today we want to give you a few practical ideas and tips for kitchen island in every modern home. We hope our extensive picture gallery is also like good and can serve as a source of inspiration as well when designing your kitchen.

The kitchen island is a convenient and practical piece of furniture that greatly facilitated the organization of the kitchen work. It brings certain variety in the decor of the kitchen, the ambience there gives a lot of comfort and enthusiastic fans of the art of cooking to show off their culinary talents straight to the kitchen island.

Are you a minimalist decor?

d57c9  k%C3%BCcheninsel wei%C3%9Fer sockel dunkle arbeitsplatte

Or rather warmer atmosphere?

d57c9  k%C3%BCcheninsel rund mit marmoroberfl%C3%A4che und glasplat8

For vintage fans, this solution is just perfect

Kitchen island and dining table in one for larger families

A light modern and multi-functionality

d57c9  k%C3%BCcheninsel schiebet%C3%BCr schrank

The problem is that a kitchen island always needed more space, so you can install it only in large kitchens or rooms where the kitchen and dining room are in one room. So that the cooking is not disturbed in food preparation, one must calculate the corresponding area in the kitchen in advance: from the kitchen island to the kitchen cabinets you have to have at least one meter distance and the kitchen itself must be about 3.5 meters long. The best thing would be if your kitchen island is one meter wide, otherwise the presence of the kitchen island would be pointless.

Chic kitchen design with a touch of Provence

d57c9  k%C3%BCcheninsel rustikal in lila

If you like it very simple and rustic

d57c9  k%C3%BCcheninsel robust mit geflochtenen k%C3%B6rben

Spacious with sink

d57c9  k%C3%BCcheninsel quadratisch mit schubladen

It is wrong to consider the kitchen island as a simple rectangular piece of furniture such as a chest of drawers that should necessarily be in the middle of the kitchen. The shapes, materials and sizes are of course very different, depending on the taste of the owner and also depend on how big the kitchen space. The kitchen island can be square, round, look in the shape of a horseshoe or the letter S, can be pointed at one end, or have a wide worktop – the choice is really rich.

Kitchen island home – advantages and practical advice


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