Original, artistic superyachts

58abc  Fluid Zaha Hadid Yacht organische formen design

58abc  Fluid Zaha Hadid Yacht organische formen inneres

Liquid and sculptural created by architect Zaha Hadid, a number of superyachts specifically for the German ship company Blohm + Voss. Hadid has envisioned a nature-inspired framework for the 128-meter-long yacht, which is slightly adapted for the other 4 90-meter yachts.

The hydrodynamic research led to the rounded hull shape and the overall design is influenced by the fluid dynamics and the underwater ecosystems. The interwoven ne2rk in High Gloss White attached to the hull shape gives the yacht an organic look.

The design of Hadid gives the exoskeleton a holistic, cohesive effect, while most yachts look a bit blocky.

“As a dynamic object that moves in a dynamic environment, the yacht design additional conditions should . contain that make it seem exceptional on the Water “- says Hadid” Every yacht is a mechanized platform, the specific hydrodynamic and structural requirements with comfort, room quality and safety combined ”

Fluid Zaha Hadid Yacht

Strange, organic shapes and lines refer to these super-yacht

58abc  Fluid Zaha Hadid Yacht organische formen ideen

The interior completely white – glamorous and extravagant

a bit surreal


Clear, smooth lines and shapes

58abc  fluid zaha hadid yacht wei%C3%9F organische fassade



Original, artistic superyachts


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