Osmo, New Faucet Design

A modern design and better features that make greater comfort in homes, that could be the synthesis of modeltap Osmo signature Galindo. This new series has a refined aesthetic that also improves water quality, a fundamental characteristic of every family care.

The company taps Galindo has launched this new version Osmo tap, which is renewed with a square design also minimalist lines and is combined with an important functionality.

The functional character of this series is based on the assessment of the health of the water supply reliability, so that through these models suggests a solution to the problem of lime flavor. Especially in coastal areas, where water does not usually have the best conditions, the installation of a water purification mechanism by osmosis becomes a fundamental departure. That is why these hard water with high lime content involve evaluating other options drinking water, such as bottled water, with consequent logistical and financial costs involved.

The new concept of Osmo faucet is made with a single tube containing 2 water outlets: the osmotic water and tap water. Thanks to this feature is that, according to user needs, you can opt for one or the other type of water and without mixing in no time.

When fully design edgy square and round, which will fit perfectly with the aesthetics of today’;s kitchens: a choice of 2 ways to the faucet adds.

The Osmo collection features a piece of stainless steel, the best bet for an outdoor faucet. It has a high corrosion resistance, hygienic and aesthetic properties, the characteristics that stand out. It is also important to note that the composition of stainless steel, consisting of chromium and other alloying metals, guarantee a long durability to the faucet even more by the passivating effect against corrosion on the outside.

With a long experience (since 1929) the Spanish manufacturer of faucet fittings Galindo, commitment to design, practicality and quality. Developing models with high “value added”, covering both the technical as well as visual. His collections of faucets with new models, betting on design innovation and use , offering solutions to different types of installation (on shelf, recessed exterior wall, etc..) given the diversity of options that makes each collection pieces . In turn, the brand has a solid place in the aesthetic realm, because it has models with a seal and a unique character, which have garnered several international awards “Good Design”.

c3e3d  griferias galindo

Galindo fittings

c3e3d  grifo osmo acero inoxidable

Osmo stainless steel faucet

c3e3d  diseno lineas cuadradas

Osmo, New Faucet Design


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