Accessories for Women: The best designs in necklaces for the summer!

Ever You wear the same necklace all year? Or in the worst case: do not even have a necklace! It is time to change and be inspired by the latest trends in accessories for women this season. Steals all eyes with news I found in the Pink Stores , and it is best that they are at a super price.

6f8ea  accesorios para mujeres 18

I fell in love!


Sometimes less is more, but this summer, it all comes to looking great and stunning pieces that enhance our outfit. For this, the maxi-necklaces are your best ally, especially those with metal or combinations of intense colors . For example, this snake necklace goes perfect with all the metallic trend that is already causing a stir.

Maxi-necklaces Classics

A maxicollar in gold or silver is an excellent choice if you want to start without risking too much, but stay out of the summer trend. Searching thick designs that have a curved drop on his chest, they are the best look.

139c1  accesorios para mujeres 2

Thousands of models maxi-necklaces! Choose yours!


In addition, these designs are super versatile , such as gold and metal, can use for your day to day for a wedding or a cocktail. You just have to choose a neutral design, no extravagant details. For example, this necklace is a clear example of a minimalist piece dress.

6bcc7  accesorios para mujeres 19

A super chic maxicollar, for its simplicity


Another alternative is for strings. They have a modern and elegant design , but with the right touch of rebellion that we all carry. In gold or silver, it looks amazing!

1d5f6  accesorios para mujeres 20

A very bold design, which can combine with shorts in your day to day or a LBD for a cocktail


And within the maxi-necklaces, a welcome development has appeared. As well as shirts and blouses with neck have become a phenomenon of fashion, a very nice accessory like a bold alternative: metal collars .Use them with your neck and tank tops.

f0112  accesorios para mujeres 22

Full Color Tribal

A trend full of color and mysticism . As with clothing, tribal accessories are characterized by bold colors and geometric designs inspired by the art of ancient civilizations. The proposal in Pink Shops rescues colors and shapes to impregnate metallic necklaces. Eye, we will see many necklaces with charms and pendants stones as waterfalls.

e9b77  accesorios para mujeres 16

The perfect combination of color and metal


The intense fuchsia, blue, yellow, turquoise and green shades are the favorite to spice up the trend.Look for them in your accessories!

20924  accesorios para mujeres 13

The “electric” blue color is one of the most fashionable trends in accessories for women


a782e  accesorios para mujeres 14

Fuchsia and orange: A very daring combination!


The great charm by way of medallions also leave see this summer as part of the tribal trend. I love this necklace with huge said zig-zag detail and contrasting colors.

703b4  accesorios para mujeres 21

A necklace like this can make an old white T-shirt and a pair of jeans totally changed!


Another option to continue the tribal wave, but do not overdo the color, is to use natural elements (or imitations), as in this maxicollar with a similar ivory piece. Let out your wild side!

75032  accesorios para mujeres 15

Accessories for Women: The best designs in necklaces for the summer!


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