Bracelets for Summer 2014 models you’ll love!

Summer is coming! Already have the accessories that will accompany you in the new season? I have to confess that I love bracelets, definitely one of my favorites when it comes to accessories.

ef51e  pulseras verano2013 1

But like everything, models and colors are renewing. I was with Gissela Huaman, owner of D”re Accessories, and she told me many of the innovations that come to us to create cool outfits. A bracelet can transform a simple look into one with style.

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Please review models, choose your favorite and begins to combine.

Knotted or braided bracelets

You must have noticed. Maybe even you yourself have tried to make your own bracelet with knots. Cuero, yarn, wool, metal , a bit of everything … it comes in knots or braided bracelets. The advantage is that you can create so many varieties that it is almost impossible to find an equal to yours.

613e6  pulseras verano2013 7

Colors and different models of braided bracelets


Gissela told us:

“They are very fashionable bracelets knotted. Improvements can be made ​​using as a base knot bracelets are endless shiny inlaid stones, spikes, chains … there are no limits to merge the nodes with materials that make contrast. Until they are coming to make woven bracelets watches or knots. This fashion craftsmanship combined with metal as the watch dial and is making a strong trend for 2013. “

88c99  pulseras verano2013 2

Flower Bracelets for Summer

This summer the flowers stamped out in force, in blouses (if gauze much better) and dressed to make us look incredibly feminine. Also find very wide as the ideal accessory bracelets, with a vintage feel like the photography.

31455  pulseras verano2013 9

Flowered bracelet for summer with a vintage touch


Our specialist reminds us that fashion Animal print not left behind. It has become a “must” when we think of all accessories.

“The thick bracelets with floral backgrounds of all shades (especially spring). Also predominant animal print fashion apart from the already classic gold and silver. “

Feel like sophisticated look ? Try a how are you.

31455  pulseras verano2013 11

Studded bracelets for summer 2013

The studs we have inherited a rockanrollera fashion . And until recently was associated with punk or metalera line. That has changed a lot, now we see in belts, clothing, and represent glamor, so do not fear men see them. Are not you satisfied with black? Use colored bracelet studded.

2485c  pulseras verano2013 12

“The bracelets with studs, glitter or sequins have become even party accessories as well as those with type crystal stones. This summer bracelets are fashionable  with all kinds of beads, beads, colors, studs, mixed together and in large amounts, so they call spiked bracelets (spikes or studs) metalhead type in gold or silver colors. “

Imagine that the studs will not only be in the form of spikes, but square, star or round . Choose you!

0eb3f  pulseras verano2013 13

Do you already have an accessory with studs?

Fluorine bracelets this summer

And how could it be otherwise bracelets also come in very strong colors : yellow, green or orange (phosphorescent), fuchsia, electric blue or turquoise. Moreover there is no problem to bring all the colors together.

0eb3f  pulseras verano2013 6

Our expert says:

“The color trend for 2013 will by fluorine. They are alive, strong and intense colors. The combinations depend on the taste of the person who will and accessories according to the color scale and color in clothing. I do not advise wearing the same color as the dress but rather to mark contrast . For example, you can wear a dress in green and wear a bracelet in yellow or orange. It’s about experiencing go. “

8b17a  pulseras verano2013 8

You will notice also that the freedom in the materials will easily find bracelets in every color you can imagine.

“ Any material combined with thread or yarn are and will be a safe bet for the new season and we almost dare to say for all of 2013. “

Bracelets with skulls

Looking for something different? Then, bracelets with small skulls’ll love. You’ll find many different models. Whether or as I said in the form of beads , bracelets skulls in’ll love. Also see garments as stamping or other accessories.

8b17a  pulseras verano2013 14

Use a skull as I said on your wrist and you’re totally trendy


Do you rather like beads? To give a more elegant style can have rhinestones too.

afd09  pulseras verano2013 15

Tips for using your bracelets in the summer

If anything is certain is that we use many bracelets together of various models. Trends can be mixed without any problems.

d7299  pulsera verano2013 16

Of course, our expert style reminds us:

“The bracelets can be used in greater amounts in the arm that I used previously, but a greater number of smaller bracelets must be the size of earrings and necklaces . But more interesting is the contrast in the accessories that make the difference between clothes and these. Just be careful not to overload your overall image. “

The celebrities show us that use many bracelets in a simple look will get a good result. Just go to thesinger  Taylor Swift …

d7299  pulseras verano2013 17

And about what to wear on every occasion …

“Remember that the style varies according to the event that you attend. Perhaps a leather bracelet with studs or skulls into a more casual work. But for one shining sequins or elegant. Bothgold and silver bracelets are trendy, the choice will depend on your clothes. As you should pay attention is in the combination as the other accessories such as heels or handbag. “

8a3b2  pulseras verano2013 5

What trends have you seen that you like best? Start a model of each, combine them, and see that the bracelets will become one of your favorite accessories. Remember that the same clothing (eg the classic black dress) will be different depending on the accessories that accompany it.

Bracelets for Summer 2014 models you’ll love!


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