How to combine my shoes? Best tips!

Love the shoes and the more it is better. suede Blacks do not compare to the black with polka dots, or the flats with wedge shoes. So in this post will clarify all your doubts about the correct combination of summer shoes for all occasions and I pay attention!

The shoes that will get you in trouble

There are many models of shoes and I imagine that some will fit your personality more than others, however there are certain shoes that you should not miss in the closet, because they will carry you out of trouble. They always say that a black dress is a must have,  I think the same of a pair of black shoes, classics that I’m sure will carry you out of trouble. As such shoes , there are more that you can take into account as faithful companions of any type of outfit.

  • Black classic shoes:

The black heels, you can not miss in your wardrobe, as they can serve you for attending the office, to a party or a date with someone special. I recommend a classic pair, obviously one summer and one winter.The summer can be open toe or sandal type is , and winter, must obviously be closed.

c0b0f  combinar zapatos 1

Basic black shoes!


This type of shoe lace, can be perfect for a party . I recommend them for summer or spring, although I’m sure that many would be encouraged to use them in winter time with no panties toe, but honestly is not an option I would consider.

48480  combinar zapatos 2

Perfect shoes for a day’s work


This model of shoes are that you must have in your closet, or yes, because they can serve you for practically everything. To go to work, for a date, for a party. You can use it with a tailor with a jean and one corset with a dress for every occasion! Honestly you out of trouble.

  • Meet nude shoes all!

The nude trend is present everywhere now, for office dresses or marriage. What I love about this trend is that this color will go with everything, so also selected in my list of must have . I’ve seen some modelsnude shoes and sincerely would like to buy more than a couple’ll show some!

48480  combinar zapatos 61

Stars Holliwood, use it all the time for the red carpet s, probably in the next installment of the Oscars, will see more than one using this color of shoes. Want to see some outfits?
Different outfits with nude shoes


For dresses or cocktail gowns for every occasion you could serve heeled shoes nude color. Besides its versatility allows you to use with all kinds of color and that’s why I recommend it as a basic item in the closet If you can buy more than one, the better!

  • Animal print shoes do not go out of style!

I have spoken many times of animal print fashion, clothes and accessories of this trend are present on the runway from a few years ago and now do not seem to go out of style. So I’ve chosen the Animal print shoes on my list of must have, because although they may seem a bit difficult to combine but when you learn basic tips ’ll love using them!

64184  combinar zapatos 12

Animal print shoes taco


Classic shoes heeled animal print , you can serve, believe it or not, for any occasion. Many women are discouraged from using these shoes, for example, for the office, but you’re wrong if you think you only can use it for a drive . I’ll show you why I think a pair of animal print is a must have .

81602  combinar zapatos 13

office outfit with animal print shoes


As you can see, a classic black dress can look amazing with the right accessories and accompanied with a pair of heeled shoes animal print Left it spectacular!
Animal print shoes for every occasion!


For a formal look or for one party Piérdele fear animal print shoes! It is also well-suited to an outfit cualquil color, coral (which is now so fashionable), red, black, lead, etc..

The colors are in!

I imagine you’ve probably noticed I colors that are setting trends today, but more than once if you’ve ever wondered how to combine them in this part of the post, will help to clarify these questions s Pay attention!

c5da1  combinar zapatos 18

Cute mint colored shoes!


The metallic trend is fashionable, if you can combine it with your shoe color mint ’ll see spectacular! This type of shoes can be used with a jean a crop or wide pole and a blazer Cheer!

c5da1  combinar zapatos 14

Oxford mint colored Love it!


The Oxford shoes are comfortable and go with any type of clothing, for a casual situation. Miera Oxford these cute mint green! With a skinny jean you’ll look beautiful I recommend it!

Coral is another color that is fashionable, and personally is a color that I really like, especially in the summer because it highlights great on tanned skin but you have any idea how to combine a coral colored shoes? Then I will give you some good ideas:

799cf  combinar zapatos 20

Cute wedge shoes color coral


The coral shoes, you can combine it with many colors, such as white, black, brown, lead, mint, purple, lilac.In addition you can also use it with patterned clothes You’ll look great!

If you want to know more about combination of shoes, I leave you a video where you can find more tips that you can consider when putting together your outfit. You know, the important thing is that you are sure of what you want to use it with s attitude Luck!

How to combine my shoes? Best tips!


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