The eco-friendly LED floor lamp by Studio Swine

The interdisciplinary Studio Swine , led by Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves, presents the unique LED floor lamp made ​​from recycled bottles. The interesting thing about it is above all the art of recycling itself The bottles were not converts to break the glass, but they were heated and inflated again. So different, organically curved forms were mastered. The transparent green lamps are equipped with thin LED lights in the form of sticks made ​​of brass. The processed glass has higher quality and strength and requires less energy.

The LED floor lamp has a distinctive pear-shape and is the undisputed highlight in any interior. The actual lamp rod is made from recycled wood and coarse grain was made for a better textural contrast. The studio also has Swine pendant lights and track lighting with the same processing technique of the glass produced. All of these works of art belong to the ‘São Paulo Collection’;, which was created for the Coletivo Amor de Madre Gallery.

A fabulous, sustainable ar2rk

25a78  led stehlampe energiesparend und effizient

what do you think of a cool, bright cactus in the living room?

25a78  led stehlampe mit organischen formen

A beautiful eye-catcher

25a78  led stehlampe mit rezykliertem glas

Smooth texture and warm light

25a78  led stehlampe von oben gesehen

An original minimalism

25a78  led stehlampe ausgefallen und elegant

Inspired by the Brazilian tropical modernism of the 50s use the designers from Studio Swine exclusively recycled and sustainable materials for their works. Check out these eco-friendly LED floor lamp and enjoy their creativity and attention to detail.


The eco-friendly LED floor lamp by Studio Swine


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