Accessories for short hair: always looks cute!

Those who know me know that I can not quiet my hair. Every so often I have to cut it, combing different … do something! A few years ago, in a burst of courage, I decided to change it radically. I cut my hair, very shortie. And while I think it is not the best cut for my face shape , I enjoyed it so take, especially because I had many choices with accessories . Here I share some of my favorites.

Scarves and bandanas

I do not know if you remember, but they were very fashionable in the nineties, and I love that they are finally back in our heads. Is that with a single piece of cloth can have thousands of looks ! When it comes to hair accessories, the important thing is to have fun and use your imagination. Search scarves and bandanas of all colors, and use them in your day to day as the perfect accessory to protect your hair.

b38f0  turbante para cabello corto

The scarves will give you a very sexy and feminine touch. They are a good option for short hair


Here I leave a tutorial I found to to use your bandana in many ways . Maybe your blue hair intimidate you a bit, but this girl does know of scarves.

Headbands and ribbons

Headbands are always a good choice to keep your hair in place. However, much depends on your type of cut; headbands look better with bangs or bangs. This season, in great detail headbands will be more than IN.Search the details that have feathers and bows or large flowers. The feathers are my favorite!

b9cea  vinchas para cabello corto

Another ideal accessory for you to wear short hair, headbands are. I love these models


There are also headbands lined with fabrics of many fun prints to liven up your wardrobe, combining textures and colors. You can choose between the super-thin and delicate or thicker headbands hairbands, more striking details.

Hooks and flirty brooches

There are a variety of hooks today! It’s all about strolling through your favorite stores and have a good eagle eye to quickly identify those treasures when shopping. Today there are many designers who, tired of the monotony and classic black hooks are designed very cute patterns and super-creative original hooks.

Regarding the pins, its main function is not so accommodating hair but spice . Take that idea that snaps with glitter and gems are only for cocktails and events formalísimos; follows the style of Rihanna with this cute brooch with colored stones.

b9cea  broches cabello corto rihanna

The gold or sparkly barrettes will give lots of lift to your hair short and face


Just as Rihanna, Emma Watson is another celebrity who decided to wear short hair, while coquetry.Moreover, gold or copper colored brooches it is within the vintage trend , which brings us all crazy!

c47f8  broche para cabello corto emma watson

Cutting Emma Watson seems to be too short, but look how it changes her look with a delicate gold brooch


Ties of all colors

This is a trend that I love. Is there anything more feminine than the bonds? The best thing is that now women are more flirty than ever and allow ourselves to experience full sizes, colors, prints .

c47f8  accesorios para cabello corto lazos

Dare and enhances your look with colorful bows


Do not think that having short hair options with your accessories are null! Here is a video where you can see slowly how to use some of the accessories that you mentioned in the post.

Accessories for short hair: always looks cute!


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