Bird Cage Bird Archi by Grégoire de Lafforest

The unique bird cage Archi Bird was by Grégoire de Lafforest designed and provides a masterful blend of console table and cage Represents the unusual work of art resembles a sculpture of modern art, which simultaneously performs 2 functions. The main idea of the designer was to change the conventional form of the bird cage radical and harmoniously introduce him to the furniture. At the same time the birds themselves are artfully displayed and transformed into an undisputed eye in the room.

The glass domes on the console remember the cabinets of curiosities of the past, where wild species from around the world were represented. The birdcage design exudes understated ease. You might think that the cage floats under the console. Actually, the white, plastic trees supports the whole construction, as you can see it below.The table legs look just as delicate and easily and complete the installation designer in a very natural way from.

Do not you think that the appropriate function of the cage has remained in second place. The Archi Bird bird cage has all the necessary attributes for a bird-friendly farming. It can be very easily opened and cleaned and is equipped with mangers and a small sink.

This great project was implemented by Ateliers SeeWhy and is exhibited in Gallery Gosserez

00205  vogelk%C3%A4fig mit glaskupeln

Floating and stable at the same time

00205  vogelk%C3%A4fig mit wei%C3%9Fem baum

Steel wire and wood can also look very elegant

00205  vogelk%C3%A4fig mit stahl draht

Glass domes for an aesthetic effect

00205  vogelk%C3%A4fig dekorativ und echt

A whimsical bird exhibition

00205  vogelk%C3%A4fig mit drei feinen glaskupeln



Bird Cage Bird Archi by Grégoire de Lafforest


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