Ideas to Create a Christmas Tree Original and Custom

More ideas for decorating Christmas invite us to create fun corners and this time betting creativity applied to the traditional elements that identify this celebration. It is proposed to liven any room of the house, and print a unique and charming stamp.

A tree original and personalized Christmas is the idea with which we decorate this holiday home. This classy representative Christmas ornament, this time is renewed through new textures, colors and unexpected accessories that can be sealed with a special atmosphere with Christmas spirit.

One of the ideas DIY invites integrate indoor natural touch, because it is used as a dry tree branch. So simple and easy, you can even take some of your garden or you have collected in a walk. These branches to decorate them and create the tree, we can use the decorations you already have, such as balls, stars, figures of Santa Claus or reindeer, pine cones, red berries, etc.. or bet on different accessories like tassels, simple hearts or bows made ​​with ribbons.

In addition to provide an innovative nod to the composition, you can use different materials to conventional and wrapped balls in fabrics, woven crochet, to name a few figures. we opt for this branch turned into a Christmas tree to place it within a glass vase or other container that contains it, or hang it from the ceiling as a candelabr. In any of the variants, get equip with an informal atmosphere and modern notes.

Use the Christmas balls, and make combinations that best fit the decor of a room, and with it give life to your own Christmas tree. I can adjust to the size you prefer and the palette that pleases you more, and even take advantage decorative items you already have, but this time, adding a dose of imagination the results will be more novel and attractive.

23ed5  ideas decorar navidad

Christmas decorating ideas

23ed5  arbol navidad original

Original Christmas Tree

23ed5  bricolaje casa

DIY home

41b13  decoracion navidena1

Ideas to Create a Christmas Tree Original and Custom


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