Integrated Kitchen and Lounge and Elegant

Decorated in cool, neutral colors this lounge and fitted kitchen form a complete set of today, where functionality is accompanied by the style of furniture and the warmth of decorative accessories.

In an open kitchen and living space are integrated to form a space with personality, practical and comfortable, which can develop multiple activities. Cooking in an environment with all the amenities of urban life requires, as we share conversations with family and friends in a spacious and designed to offer a cozy atmosphere to be, is the proposal that brings us this interior in a contemporary home .

The elegance is present in the interior, is expressed by the set of furniture that integrates with classic pieces such as a large sofa upholstered Chesterfield, joined the lounge coffee table with particular figure. While in the kitchen, a stylized wooden stools accompany the central island, which is part of a furniture with clean, simple lines, in addition to its modern aesthetic offers extensive and useful storage space, essential elements for a kitchen clean and organized look. The color scheme is played byneutral and cool tones , gray predominates and in the company of blue create a set of sobriety and solemnity, and receiving a nod of warmth thanks to the presence of wood, material chosen for some furniture.

The textures of the sofa upholstery, carpet and cushions complete a cozy atmosphere and decorated with personal touches this space.

c1769  cocina salon modernos

Integrated Kitchen and Lounge and Elegant


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