Unusual houses around the world

In our world there are incredibly many unusual and extraordinary houses can be called a home. Some people live in caves, others on sailboats and others at an altitude of more than 2000 m above sea level. If you travel on the wide world, you can see these and many more unusual houses. Virtual it is nowadays, of course. On our trip through the Internet we have come to a lot of great homes and could not resist the temptation to assign resources with you. Here we have 10 very original homes together for you. There is a wide range of ideas and designs – from a giant clam shell, about former churches to a fabulous rock house. Look at everything, and admire the imaginative creativity of architects and interior designers who have created real miracles. Exceptional homes have something magical and Bondage in itself, do not you think?

The first house from our collection is the giant conch shell house in Mexico. En2rfen by the famous Mexican architectJavier Senosiain , has the oversized clam shell organic design. It is just one of the many creations of the architect, the predominantly with organic architecture employs.

Do you feel to live in another dimension?

25256  au%C3%9Fergew%C3%B6hnliche h%C3%A4user innendesign muschelschale

A natural continuum with a minimalist touch

25256  au%C3%9Fergew%C3%B6hnliche h%C3%A4user ovale organische formen

The second house was in the past, actually a church. It is located in the Netherlands and was rebuilt by Zecc Architec8. From the outside you can already guess that the facade looks Church.

The typical shape of the window of a house of worship can be seen clearly

25256  au%C3%9Fergew%C3%B6hnliche h%C3%A4user ehemalige kirche

The interior is a mix of modern, minimalist design and subtle flair Church

25256  au%C3%9Fergew%C3%B6hnliche h%C3%A4user arkaden und kirchenfenster

The roof arches and pillars of the Church are 2 of the most important architectural elements in the house

25256  au%C3%9Fergew%C3%B6hnliche h%C3%A4user robuste s%C3%A4ulen



Unusual houses around the world


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