The best vitamins in the media skincare

Trying to protect and moisturize our skin well, we often rely on cosmetic products that contain a variety of vitamins and exotic extracts.But what do we really know about these components, and how to choose the most suitable for different skin problems? Understanding what ingredients are best suited to solve a particular problem and how to increase their efficiency, will help to achieve better results, so that you read the following list of vitamins that should look for when choosing cosmetics .

6dd82  016   In the beauty industry to search for new revolutionary ingredients that will take care of the skin at a higher level, is continuous. Additional components such as hydro-alpha acids and alpha-lipoic acid, as addition of various vitamins may be considered as a bonus honored. And in ordinary means of care and those presented as an all-natural, organic ingredients help to show extraordinary strength of vitamins and antioxidants and achieve the desired result.

However, although the effective ingredients in skin care immediately find themselves in the spotlight, more knowledge about them just need to get the best effect. Vitamins are not stored for a long time, so make sure you store them properly. This is one of those rules that will help you achieve good results. Here we describe the most widely used means of skin care vitamins and their main action:

Vitamin A – is probably the most popular nowadays vitamin because of its property to smooth wrinkles. The main component of anti-aging creams, retinol – a derivative of vitamin A. However, it is important to understand the difference between the two main compounds – retinol and retinyl palmitate. Although it is believed that they are identical, it is important to know that retinol palmitate causes minimal irritation to the skin but, on the other hand, was less effective than retinol. Another important aspect is that it is necessary to understand how to use products containing one or the other component. retinol-based products are recommended for use at night, because this vitamin can increase the sensitivity of the skin.17faa  133

B vitamins – it’s one of the best skin moisturizers, because they most effectively deliver moisture to skin cells. This amazing property of B vitamins – one of the main reasons why this component is so common in the media skincare. There are many varieties of vitamin B, which can be found in a variety of cosmetic products. B3 also known as niacin, B5 as pantothenic acid, B7 – as vitamin H or biotin. Owners of dry skin should look for these names on the labels, as these components will improve the appearance of their skin and will even anti-aging effect.

Vitamin C (ascorbic kislata) – another miracle vitamin that is commonly used in the media skincare. Why?Because it helps the cells to produce collagen fibers, strengthening the skin and preventing aging. Vitamin C fights free radicals and is thought to help prevent sun damage to the skin.

17faa  24   However, this vitamin is also the subject of disputes desperate, because it is very unstable and breaks down when exposed to air. Cosmetic companies are doing their best to keep their products in this vitamin, adding glycerol, warning its decay, or by placing a cosmetic product in a dark box. Storing means with vitamin C in the fridge – it’s a good way to prolong his life, however, the level of humidity can also affect vitamin C, so it may be more preferable choice of dark and cool place. Also, as retinol, vitamin C prevents skin dryness. If you intend to buy serum with vitamin C, it is recommended that the concentration of vitamin around 20%.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) also has amazing moisturizing properties. Vitamin C and vitamin E are often combined for two reasons: Vitamin C prevents decay of vitamin E and vitamin E compensates certain dryness, which can cause vitamin C.

Vitamin K (phytonadione) copes with dark circles under the eyes. However, it should be noted that it is not recommended for pregnant women or those who are treated for high blood viscosity. It is also believed that the combination of retinol and vitamin K effectively prevents aging of the skin around the eyes.

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The best vitamins in the media skincare


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