Fashion trend 2014: stacked rings and rings on the fingertips of Chanel

We live in a world where everything is new – is well forgotten old. Whatever it was, and that would not come up in a new fashion, in fact it’s original interpretation of retro styles and details.Someone long ago, before we have already attempted to present it to the world. You probably throw up their hands, not worth it! It all depends on how to present their own new idea. This will determine whether the idea of ​​failure or become extremely successful. This is what happened to the idea of ​​multi-tiered rings represented in the collection of Chanel. Yes, you’ve already seen this idea before, but now it is a new fashion trend.

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The new trend of Chanel: stacked rings

The collection was presented Chanel is definitely a new trend – stacked rings have become a real hit of the season. Rings on the fingertips and stacked rings adorned images Fall 2013. Now most of the fashionistas of the world in search of its original model shiny rings.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld did not think about the intricate designs and creative forms, and made a bid for simplicity. The brand name was assumed as the main accent decorations. Despite the lack of trim parts, shiny pebbles themselves look amazing. Chanel suggests wearing several rings on all fingers at the same time, but not every girl is ready to spend a fortune on such an abundance of jewelry. In addition, only a couple of rings in the daytime image looks quite impressive and at the same time practical for daily activities.

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Stacked rings from Chanel seem sufficiently practical to wear. Pay attention to the girl with the phone on the photo. Her hands decorated with several rings and while it surely makes a gadget. Also with multistoried rings can apply makeup and perform other odd jobs. Based on this, we can safely try new trend, even if you have previously doubted its practicality.

Rings on the phalanx and fingertips perfectly with any attire wardrobe regardless of the style and color.This colorful accessory will complement both classic and more daring outfit. If you are decorating a plurality of arms rings, do not wear other accessories to do heavy image. Especially for bracelets. Your hands and so will be in the spotlight. Be creative, and the sense of taste helps you to easily stylize trend.

Stacked rings from Chanel quickly became must-have accessory and decorated wardrobes leading fashionistas of the world. Same accessories were presented in other brands, so if you were excited about the storied rings decorate their own hands, do not delay the purchase for a long time. Lift your spirits bright accessory and experiment with new images.

Fashion trend 2014: stacked rings and rings on the fingertips of Chanel


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