How to decorate a child’s room

Your little guy has already left the diapers long, is unstoppable and “calls” their own space? Do not despair … prepare and decorate the 4th precept of your girl or boy can be a lot more fun than you ever imagined! With different solutions, for all tastes and budgets, it is important to decorate thinking about the future, but without forgetting the years of growth that are just around the corner.


Riding a 4th root always entails substantial initial investment … or not. As each case is different, start by visiting some stores furniture and decoration to become aware of current prices and then set a budget. Obviously will see very cute and fluffy things and you will feel like taking it all home … hence the importance of a budget: it will help you not to buy impulsively but weigh well before each acquisition. The end result is a room with the essential pieces, preferably long term, and not a jammed spectacular space objects, but which can not be distinguished from each other, hinder any decor and will tire the whole family as early as next month.
Study well the dimensions of the room in question, to not make the mistake of buying too big or too small furniture. The safety of the child and their daily well-being in this space should be above everything.
If you are buying a bed, it is ideal to acquire soon a large bed that serves your child (a) until adolescence or beyond that! Until then, feel and need, protect your little guy with security bars that fit under the mattress and the bed lean against a wall.
Often resolves to decorate a child’;s room at a stroke when choosing a character for which your child (a) is passionate and apply it at all. The result? The face of Barbie or Harry Potter to lurk in every nook and corner: from linens, rugs and curtains to lamps, chairs, tables and pictures! It may seem perfect on the first day, week or month, but the truth is that even your little princess or prince will bother with this monotonous scene and faster than you think (nowadays they grow at the speed of light!). Is it worth such an investment? Do not forget that what is in vogue today may not be tomorrow. Is prepared to, in a short time, having to start all over again? You know that.
If, on the other hand, seeks a decoration long-term solutions are also here that many more! Start by choosing a line of sturdy furniture (do not forget that kids spend years without stopping quiet!), Simple (which can be combined either with the likes of a child, as a teenager) and functional (furniture that grows with the your child (a), ie, beds which fit increasingly giving more of a “jump”; shelves after receiving toys that can store textbooks, etc.)..
Of course it will always end up purchasing some miniatures – a table and chairs or little couch – because everything little fun! Are objects that will not last a lifetime, but in his time makes perfect sense! And all decorators are entitled to some luxuries!
If you always dreamed of giving his daughter a princess room, covered in hot pink or pale pink from top to bottom and adorned with yards and yards of lace and frills – force! The same applies to boys – is baby blue and 5 hundred carts you want in your own 4 walls? So, go ahead! If in such an environment is that your little guy will delirious, why not?
If, on the other hand, want to “escape” the color pink, flowers and crochet, inspire yourself in your little girl’;s favorite color (who says that your room may not be blue, orange or yellow?) Or a theme that reflects one of his favorite hobbies or passions. Boys can also have a red room, green or inspired by the moon! The hard part will be choosing between ideas and themes as spectacular as the animals (horses, fish, cats, butterflies …), nature (sky, forest, beach, countryside, sun, stars, planets …), princesses, angels, cowboys, circus, castles and knights, pirates, dinosaurs, the troop, a zoo or a sport. Chosen the theme or the main color, it must get to work!
Ties are always female, but are not exaggerated and can make a simple touch, but especially when placed around a lampshade or tie in a convenient handles. If you still can not stand the color pink, use it in small notes or accessories, like a pillow, a frame for photos or a basket for paper, among many others! The blue is also not to be overlooked altogether – a soft rug, a basket for dirty clothes or a painted ceiling with a blue sky and is solved!
To give an air of magic to a girl’;s room, put a canopy on the bed, but opt for one that can be easily removed when its effect “bored” or your princess become a teenager ultra modern. To the delight of a boy ride a small tent in your room for camping and fun-filled adventures. The advantage? Dismantled, the tents are virtually invisible and easy to store.
Another important strategy is to make the room of your little man in a multi-functional space, ie, beyond the rest area, create one for play and one for study. Will get a personalized space and maintain, simultaneously, all your personal belongings properly organized. And why are several divisions within a single room, the rule is: neither too much nor less!
When it comes to a room for the kids, the curtains should always be light and clear not to “steal” the attention of the rest of the space and to allow plenty of natural light.
It is always useful to acquire large plastic bins for storing toys and clothes from other seasons. Your database size and functionality, so your little guy will love to pack your things, and how these can be stacked end to occupy little space. If you prefer, already invest in a beautiful wooden chest which he / she can now enjoy in adulthood or a day later, offer their own children.
When hanging pictures, posters or other decorative pieces on the walls, do not use sharp objects and can be easily torn and towards the duct tape or the pins smooth and flattened, which are safer. Make sure the shelves are completely fixed to the wall and do not place objects (say, toys or other temptations that may lead the little ones to climb!) In the higher shelves.
If the child already has a room and redecorating mission is, enjoy some existing objects (or all!) And start to recycle furniture, painting it a new color; revitalize the walls also other shades or put wallpaper ( avoid it if the child is very small, with a special taste to scratch the walls!). Can still give more emphasis on lighting, with lamps that transmit gentle and soothing lights. And why not immortalize their first shoes or dress in a nice frame to put the “new” room? Some of his first toys can also be incorporated in new decor, cuddly or if the books that will be good on any bookshelf, or even your precious musical mobile hanging near a window.
If the child is old enough to participate in this project, let her! After all, it is she who will spend more time in his new room! Probably, his will be the last word, but try to enjoy some of the ideas of his decorator inch and a half: add your preferred color as well as a set of sheets or a frame with your puppet or cartoon beloved. Encourage the artist that’;s inside your princess or prince and use their “works of art” to frame and hang on the wall or give it its own little corner, some brushes and paint and leave it to your imagination and creativity! Other interactive and funny spaces include a black box filled with chalk or magnetic whiteboard magnets of fun! If you prefer, you can apply a magnetic ink or an ink that produces the effect of a black box … it’;s actually even exist!
At the bottom, you want a cozy room with personality and where your princess or prince can be a true child!

How to decorate a child’s room


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