How to decorate the room of a teenager

The sweeping passion of their children by Barbie and the Jurassic Park already cooled and needs redecorating your bedroom? The so called phase transition to teenager, an age at which boys and girls like to be alone, spending hours on end stuck in the room to “discover yourself”! Therefore, it is important to give them a space that corresponds to their age!


Brainstorming … long term. before starting to paint or apply wallpaper and transform your child’;s 4th in a teenager’;s room, stop to think about the task at hand. As children, also teenagers living very distinct phases throughout adolescence, where tastes change as a change of jeans ! It is necessary to find a compromise so that he / she feels happy and so parents do not have to redecorate the space from year to year, because, and even who will study out, always be home for the purpose of weeks and holidays. May still want to prepare a room that they can “carry” when they are studying out when they start working and renting your first apartment, can still decorate this room with the idea that in the future, will be a guest room or an office ever had. Take all the difficult decisions before leaving for shopping.
Choose a color palette together. Their teen already knows very well what he likes and dislikes … and is not afraid to tell the world! To avoid future “pouts”, choose the color palette together, looking for a neutral base, instead of attaching themselves to a theme in a year (or up to 6 months!), is no longer in the top preferences of your teenager ! That is, instead of painting a room completely allusive to surf , choose a basic color – dark blue, for example – and touches a surfboard in a corner by placing a stuffed bag of shells and a jar full of sand over the dresser. It will be much easier to remove these items and replace them with others, than to have to cover a painted mural on the wall with the faces of the best surfers in the world when he decided that, after all, is like to skate !
. Furniture as Your Teen continues to grow, so nothing “fluffy” beds that in a year and a half have to be replaced because his son now sleeps with his feet outside, or comfortable in flowers format are bursting at the seams with the growing wardrobe of your princess! At this time, the larger is better. Invest in quality furniture, to build a room that can track your teenager to adulthood. The furniture can be purchased or utilized from an older brother’;s room or a cousin who no longer lives at home – just change them and the color will be like new!
Space to work with. A school becomes increasingly demanding and your teen needs their own space and quiet to study, so give him one! A desk under which will still fit your legs in a little while, an adjustable chair, drawers and shelves to store your personal belongings and things that will certainly collect going forward should be on the list. Do not forget the proper lighting, not to tire your eyes during the time of the TPC!
Space for storing. Apart from designing a bedroom that reflects your teenager’;s personality and create an environment where he / she feels good, it is also important that the teenager assumes the responsibility to keep your space clean and tidy. To avoid future discussions every time you open that door and have difficulty finding your child in the middle of so much chaos, seeks to integrate, in this division, organizational solutions for easy storage and to help keep your favorite things close at hand. Enjoy every niche and cranny to fit cupboards, drawers, baskets or boxes closed. Make sure your wardrobe is to be well monetized or why not opt for a bed with built-in lower drawers or a model with space under the mattress to keep the clothes that are not in use at this station, for example!
Space to play. And because life is not only to study and arrange the room, give your teenager a very space cool to relax alone or with friends, reserving a room corner to put an inviting rug with giant cushions scattered on the floor where he can play Playstation with friends. Some poufs fun and a low table to store the most magazines in the moment will be the perfect niche for her to receive her friends and discuss fashion and makeup! On the other hand, if your teenager would like to spend long hours reading, a comfortable chair and floor lamp will create a unique retreat that he / she will surely enjoy!
. Textile inviting comfort still sit other levels: soft rugs for bare feet, a reversible quilt to change the color and look of the bed whenever you feel like, lots of pillows to snuggle in more gray days, linens appealing to rest and meets your teenager and the decor however defined, ie, it is time to change the flowers and the puppets, for geometric patterns or straight!.
Current accessories. Now that all prerequisites are met, give free rein to your imagination and have fun with your choice of accessories and little economic standing, so they can be easily replaced when your teenager move to another phase, without major pains head or wallet! A giant mirror will delight your princess and over time will be increasingly used; fill part of a wall with stencils decorative or enlarged photographs of his favorite things – cars, magazine covers, pictures of your pet or childhood photos , apply a stylized wall hooks to hang their purses her or him your hats, a corkboard or magnetic to showcase pictures of your friends or works of art, wastepaper baskets, unusual lamps or other part that makes the delight your teenager … after all this is your space!

How to decorate the room of a teenager


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