10 Bedrooms Dream Girls Decor

Who has not ever dreamed of sleeping in a room story? Each child’s world, and often have very definite preferences, but your daughter can dream of a magical space in which to sleep. Today I present 10 very special rooms for infant girls . Some are of Nordic style, some with vintage air, some surprisingly mixed pieces … The common thread is that they create a romantic and sweet atmosphere.

Pay close attention to the details: garlands, pompons and canapés will be your allies. Play with textures to add warmth, and do not forget to choose vinyl sheets or soft tones. Do not rush to decorate everything.Between your daughter and I will go building or modifying according to your tastes as time passes

And as you’ll see, it does not always turn to pink when decorating rooms for girls . You can play with the mustard, blue, green, white, gray …

6ae5c  dormitorios romanticos niC3B1as


Romantic setting for a little girl. White and pale pink contrasts with the metal crates and patterned carpet.What do you think the cushions?

6ae5c  habitaciones para niC3B1as


Lovely room for two sisters , full of details. The pom-poms, garland and color combination make the room is fresh and sweet at once.

110f1  cuartos para niC3B1as

The sheets and cushion provide an extra sweetness to this room as a child.

110f1  habitaciones infantiles niC3B1as


The couch adds an extra sweetness to the children’s room, do not you think?

110f1  cuartos infantiles niC3B1os

110f1  dormitorios infantiles niC3B1as


These are two beautiful places belong to the children’s room shared by Carla and Elena. His mother chose the mustard and blue to create a sweet atmosphere and vintage for each

10 Bedrooms Dream Girls Decor


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