Styling tips for your radiator cover

Design your radiator cover in style

Whether covered or not, represent the radiator a focal point in the room dar. It is not always good, because they were created for comfortable living, but the aesthetic is often lost in the background.

Thankfully, furniture designers take this task more seriously, to integrate these necessary items into the design of the room seamlessly. Below we have 10 wonderful ideas for you to select how you can realize your next project for radiator design.

1 Contemporary and functional

Often the modern radiator cover has wonderful metal mesh. However, not always is the a must, which inscribes itself very well in the interior design. However, you can always convert the heater into a functional piece of furniture. By setting up idea in the picture above have been created from the radiator a table, which you can use super comfortable.

2 Custom-made shelves and cupboards

What more can you wish for more than the cover for the heater here? You could purchase a model that extends along the entire wall along.

It may also include storage and exhibition areas with

ab454  heizk%C3%B6rperverkleidung mit elegantem regal Styling tips for your radiator cover other

3 Architectural beauty

This is another wonderful example of a built-in ceiling for a heater.

It writes smoothly into the rest of the equipment of the room

ab454  heizk%C3%B6rperverkleidung b%C3%BCcherregale Styling tips for your radiator cover other

The clean lines and the soft surface represent the ideal surface on which one can exhibit art and other valuable items.

4 Slim ceiling in cabinet style as furnishing idea

Even if the heater does not contain storage space with, you could make it so to give this impression. You can use as a console table, the surface exactly and it will act just like a normal piece of furniture look in the room.

Elegant radiator cover – Interior Design of Schappacher White Architecture DPC

ab454  heizk%C3%B6rperverkleidung wei%C3%9Fe kommode minimalistisch Styling tips for your radiator cover other

5 Create a standardized appearance by creating ideas in the same style

You can use the same type of radiators, thus creating a fairly uniform look everywhere

ab454  heizk%C3%B6rperverkleidung in lack aus holz Styling tips for your radiator cover other

Do you want it? Here we see a picture of the same room from the last picture here and the ceiling of the heaters have been distributed throughout the room. They reached by a wonderful effect.

Styling tips for your radiator cover


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