Recycled Furniture for the Bedroom

In an intimate space of the house like the bedroom you can print a unique and personal decorating stamp, and choose a style that represents our personality also make it a particularly comfortable space where we can rest and relax from the daily grind .

This cozy bedroom are incorporated recycled furniture to decorate and give life to a room, which also aptly sum elements that add convenience. Turn the vintage touch is present, adding colors and finishes that reflect the time of each of the pieces.

For the rest area is available in a particular composition brings a rustic air , these are 2 old wooden doors recycled simply resting on the headboard wall replace conventional. These pieces remain on the surface of the wear and tear over time and therein lies much of its appeal. then at the foot of the bed, also a former chair complete the decoration and is a handy seat. This set is perfect to give a dose of charm and lots of character the bedroom, and without leaving the functionality.

The touch of elegance vintage prints a luxurious chandelier crystal, crown aesthetics bedroom with its sophisticated and powerful presence.

59292  dormitorio aire vintage Recycled Furniture for the Bedroom bedroom

Recycled Furniture for the Bedroom


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