Wall stickers or wallpaper as desired

When it comes to wall stickers and wallpaper goes, we think nowadays more and more creativity and uniqueness.There must be something special – unusual designs, cool patterns or striking textures. Some of the most modern wallpaper variations are magnetic, LED, heat-sensitive or even phosphorescent. The new idea of Spoonflower , custom wall stickers and wallpapers   to customize as desired, is one of the most interesting so far. So each of you can make the products themselves online and order.The company Spoonflower offers for quite some time, the option for their customers to order online self-created patterns and designs for textiles. The most popular products include pillowcases, tablecloths, napkins and curtains. And now Wall Stickers and Murals – great idea.

With colorful wallpapers that you have created yourself, you can not only make your space more dynamic and livable, but you can create visual width.

Wallpaper not belong to the past, but they are quite in trend

ce5c8  wandsticker mit tieren oder bl%C3%A4ttern

If you have bought or decorated in dark colors your walls or some furniture, you can with wall stickers decorate in bright colors or with fun designs. Lots of great patterns and designs can be found at Blik or Pixxle. But if you are on the creative wave, you are right at Spoonflower.

Even the refrigerators or chairs can decorate excellent

ce5c8  wandsticker in grellen farben

Wall stickers from Spoonflower are completely PVC-free and thus also perfect for nursery or baby’;s room. They are also very easy to peel and stick on back where different. In this way they remain flexible and you have the option of changing your wall decoration easily as desired.

Where it is done

ce5c8  wandsticker und papeten beim spoonflower

Simply select the desired size

ce5c8  wandsticker selbst gestalten und bestellen

Let your imagination run wild and create or select Internet from your specific subject for wallpapers or wall stickers

ce5c8  wandsticker audiokassetten bunte eulen wandteller



Wall stickers or wallpaper as desired


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