Babies and wishes you Merry Christmas!

Once again, the team of editors and Babies want to wish you a Merry Christmas .


In the last month we have offered all kinds of resources for you to spend a special Christmas with your children. We have suggested Christmas gifts for the kids by age , also moving toys and toys to think . We have not forgotten about the Christmas gifts for Mom and for Dad , all for less than 20 euros to take care budgets.

In addition, we have taught you delicious Christmas recipes , both to do with children, as light for pregnant recipes and ideas to dress children party and looks ideal for pregnant .

We had Christmas interviews more interesting than you recognized psychologists give us advice about Christmas and children.

If you fancy a family outing, I suggested we have some travel to do with children in Europe and also in Spain. List will continue to expand.

And of course, many more pages about Christmas for you to enjoy with your children these special days. I always remember that Christmas in childhood are magical. Do your children remember fondly the lifetime. Merry Christmas!

Babies and wishes you Merry Christmas!


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