Exhibition on “Toys lifetime” for families to enjoy

We continue with our proposed family entertainment for Christmas, this time witha tribute to classic toys in the exhibition “Toys of life” , which you can see during the holidays at the venue, in Bilbao.

Here are neglected screens and technology to make way for dolls, board games and constructions, but of decades ago, those playing with our grandparents, parents, and in some cases we! The exhibition has been made possible thanks to the contributions of many collectors in Spain.

Definitely a ride for nostalgic, but suitable for the whole family, because through it the kids can learn a lot about other ways to play , some ways I’m sure that they would like them too.

The simplicity is not at odds with the fun, but is that even in these old toys find examples of ingenuity and imagination stimulation and wanted some of the simpletons toys today, even canned noise they make.

In the exhibition you can see a total of 19 dioramas composed of 1,500,000 pieces, 1,050 models, and a stunning collection of statues, with compositions Exin Castillos, Meccano, Lego, Barbie, Transformers and Marklin.

You see, some classic toys are timeless, so our kids are playing with them.Exposure “Toys lifetime” is in Euskalduna Bilbao until January 6 and admission is 5 euros (for under three free).

Exhibition on “Toys lifetime” for families to enjoy


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