Mascarpone cream and mango. Christmas dessert for pregnant

Today’s recipe will like insurance. Christmas dessert for pregnant women is not too sweet nor too heavy so it is ideal to finish these meals without exceeding these dates. This is a delicious mascarpone cream and mango .

This cream should be fluffy to be a light dessert that results will be taken as the end of a dinner at which I’m sure we’ve gone a bit, so you better prepare something and not attack tray nougats to desperate.

Preparation time | 10 minutes
Difficulty | Very easy


A cup full of this dessert mascarpone cream and mango is a good choice to top off a special dinner as poinsettia or Christmas dinner. Its delicate texture and balanced flavor between sweet and acid will leave a smile on. Guaranteed. Merry Christmas to all.129


Serves 4

  • 250g mascarpone cheese (a tub), 1 ripe mango, 60g icing sugar, juice of one lime and chopped almonds and mint for garnish

How to make mascarpone cream and mango

We started stripping the handle and pulling out his bone. The mango pulp grind in the blender to a puree and miss a bowl, reserving a couple of tablespoons and then decorate. Open the tub of mascarpone cheese and we pour the contents into another bowl, and there we beat with a fork.

When batter and add it to the bowl manageable, mixed with mango puree we had done before. That mixes do first hand with the rods and then continue with the blender or robot until the mango and cheese are integrated without small chunky handle on the highlighting cream.


Finally add the lime juice and powdered sugar, which will gradually incorporating with air movements that incorporate the preparation, making it is more fluffy.This you can do it manually with the rods, or use mixers or Thermomix butterfly flapping start to make it creamy and well mounted.

Finally, serve the mascarpone cream and mango in the cups and garnish with crunchy chopped almonds and a bit of mango puree we had booked, so we left a dessert even more attractive and complete. We leave the cream in the refrigerator until ready to serve garnished with a mint florets.

Mascarpone cream and mango. Christmas dessert for pregnant


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