The best recipes of 2013 and more in Babies

We continue with our assessment of the best content published on the blog this year already over. We’ve gotten in the kitchen so that you can enjoy with your kids the culinary arts.

We have offered tasty and healthy recipes for both kids and moms, summer recipes, back to school, Halloween and Christmas. By the way, you can still take a look at our section Christmas Recipes to build your Christmas menu.

Let then a selection of the best recipes we’ve offered in 2013 in Babies and more .

Summer recipes for kids: Homemade ice cream fruit

In summer we have offered you refreshing recipes for the kids. One that has been very successful among our readers has been the recipe for homemade ice cream with fruit. A healthy and fresh snack .

Summer recipes to make with kids: chocolate chip cookies

A classic recipe to make with the kids and they love it. Mete children in the kitchen to prepare these delicious chocolate chip cookies. Making them is fun and then enjoy eating them.

Summer recipes for kids: homemade chicken meatballs

A recipe that is going to love these tender meatballs and attractive . Blanquitas barely golden, with a rich salsita bread for dipping.

Halloween Recipes: Pumpkin Stuffed Oreo chocolate

We have also addressed the fun Halloween recipes that kids are both fun. A resounding success pumpkins stuffed Oreo chocolate.

Halloween Recipes: zucchini cheese and spicy sausage

Also for Halloween, but salty recipe , are these original zucchini cheese and spicy sausage. It has surprised more than one.

Halloween recipes. Cupcakes hairy spiders

Reckless little hairy spiders have had to have put on the cupcakes. They have a touch of color and charmto our Halloween recipes.

Christmas Chowder. Christmas Recipes for pregnant

As perfect for the Christmas menu entree I have offered a fish soup that can not miss on the table this year end.

Solomillitos caramel cream with spiced pumpkin. Christmas Recipes for pregnant

A recipe with sirloin can not fail . I teach to make these caramel Solomillitos a perfect companion: pumpkin cream.

Christmas Recipes for pregnant women: Pears wrapped in pastry filled surprise

A delicious dessert for pregnant women, and those that are not, are these tempting pears wrapped in puff pastry with a filling that you will find to sink the spoon .

Taco salmon and creamed spinach. Christmas recipe for pregnant

Finally, a light and delicious dish for pregnant , is this taco salmon, which must be well done, with creamed spinach as a garnish.


The best recipes of 2013 and more in Babies


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