Dream kitchens to enjoy Christmas on Airbnb wishlist

One thing is clear is that at Christmas, the kitchen is one of the places in the house where we spend more time. In the kitchen we gather with family and friends, we prepare our Christmas menus, chatted, ate breakfast, drank coffee … So at this time is ideal to have a nice big kitchen for maximum enjoyment.

Not everyone spends Christmas at home, some people traveling to enjoy the festivities changing scenario although carry the whole family. Is he thinking of them thatAirbnb has created a wishlist that includes some of the spaces where the kitchen is the main protagonist .Spacious, comfortable, cozy, modern and traditional kitchens designs, all designed to meet the family environment to the kitchen during Christmas and very inspiring.

7092b  Valencia Dream kitchens to enjoy Christmas on Airbnb wishlist kitchen bath

In the wishlist we find in kitchens as diverse styles to choose, from a fantastic restored farmhouse Valencia , to a modern house in Barcelona, ​​through a spectacular villa in El Casar. There are also beautiful houses in London, Berlin or Paris for adventurous families who prefer to travel outside Spain at Christmas.

As if I did not know I commented that Airbnb is a community marketplace where people add, discover and book unique accommodations around the world, online or from your mobile. From apartments for one night, to castles or villas for a week for one month, Airbnb connects people through unique travel experiences .The company was founded in August 2008, is headquartered in San Francisco and California and has information about accommodations at any price in more than 35,000 cities and 192 countries.

Dream kitchens to enjoy Christmas on Airbnb wishlist


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