Be beautiful: five essential of the week

As this is the last “Haves of the Week” this year, we wanted to select five proposals perfect to end 2013 and start the new year off right . Among them, a product that you are taking time to introduce your facial routines so practical and effective that is also an ideal place to recharge your batteries in the house and another plan for our skin starts new year . Hope you like it and that I should follow in my favorite section accompanying during 2014!

A trend that continues

One of the star additions this year were thin rings and minimalist fashion and apparently persist, although taken in pairs (or more). If you do not have at least one, what better time than Reyes to autoregalartelo?

A cosmetic pharmaceutical

8c828  agua micelar babe

During this time it is normal to get home late and lazy desmaquillarnos us. As is one of the worst “attacks” that we can commit against our skin, I recommend putting a micellar water in your lives . It’s the easiest way to clean the face and no need to clarify, so it is perfect for those lazy days. The latest I’ve tried is this ofBabé , which I found lovely and you can find a very good price in pharmacies.

A movie

8c828  inside llewyn davis

As this is a time to go to the movies is one of the best entertainment options, today I want to recommend”About Llewyn Davis” , the story of young folk singer who lives in Greenwich Village and fighting to win life as a musician. Survives with the help of his friends and some strangers to providing small services. From cafes Village moves to Chicago club until you experience the opportunity to audition for the music mogul Bud Grossman. A nice story that recreates the New York of the sixties and already has several awards and nominations.

A plan

8c828  bombillas cocina

Seize the New Year to renew something in your house … that will give you the feeling that a new era is beginning and will help you recharge your batteries. No need to be a full-fledged reform. Choose a corner that needs fresh air, change the furniture around and buy a few things to decorate it be your first plan (and mission accomplished), 2014.


8c828  Felicidad Carrera

Since we’re talking to renew, how about doing the same with our skin?. So today I propose to give yourself and visit my favorite aesthetic center in Madrid: This is Happiness Carrera , this oasis of beauty where pamper you to the fullest and leave you skin like new . There is nothing like a collagen veil to take away the stress off our face and bright look. Highly recommended to start 2014 as we deserve!

Which of our essential you remain?

Be beautiful: five essential of the week


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