Tried Curling Mascara Top Coat Kiko, curved eyelashes? Without using curler?

Although I tend to be a regular buyer of Kiko, I must confess that I had never stopped to try their mascara, I guess I had never created interest or simply amused me too with nail polish.

But as I was looking for a waterproof mascara ended up falling into temptation and stopped to see what options there eyelashes on Kiko. So by chance discovered the product that I want to talk today Curling mascara top coat belonging to False Lashes Concentrate line, presented in a bright red chubby packagepromises to increase the curvature of the flanges . Did you get it?

This top coat is applied after our mascara , as I said it promises is to increase the curvature of the lashes up to 80% while helping to maintain well defined that effect for much longer than if only we apply us traditional mask.

It is true that the best product for curling eyelashes can find in the traditional curler but the truth that with the passing hours eyelashes inevitably tend to lose that curve that both opens the eye, so that at first the idea is not bad .


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The product of this top coat is black so it resembles a conventional mask. Inside we find a curved brush for easy application.

And I wonder how you get bent, well in its formulation contains a special resin that helps set the curl and give it with brush and without letting matted , or so they promise us.

My experience

On Christmas Eve I put into practice without using curling iron mask I applied my usual tabs (in this case I used the Extra Wow Lash Rimmel London ) and as I always do, with two good coats. Then without letting pass a minute I applied this Curling Kiko Top Coat.

Its curved brush makes it really easy task, since we are interested in right from the root lift and slide around therefrom toward the tips as I noticed my eyelashes were opened more, curled itself! . Furthermore, the product glides very well and does not create any lumps.

I have to say that my lashes are not straight but already naturally are up, not know that you will make your task into tabs more falls or straight, I guess the difference is also note especially if previously curler used.Personally, I do not think I come to replace an eyelash curler, that is too big, but if we have at hand a curling iron is great and helps to set the curve. So the ideal is to use curler, mascara and finally the top coat, which is priced at 7.20 euros.

I can only say that I loved and I’m already looking forward to using other products in this line asLengthening Top Coat to lengthen eyelashes or Volume Top Coat to be my next signings that already have my eye. Oh by the way, I ended up also buying waterproof mask I was looking for, the Luxurious Lashes Waterproof which very prontito will speak and I will discuss its results.

Tried Curling Mascara Top Coat Kiko, curved eyelashes? Without using curler?


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