Bathrooms small nicely decorated

Having a very small bath room is not a problem when it comes to decorating, because the important thing here is to maximize space with a proper distribution. The space can be reinforced with decorated in neutral colors and a gathered look. Here are some suggestions for decorating with style one mini bathroom .

1204 Bathrooms small nicely decorated kitchen bath


Is there a window in the bathroom? Well get even full advantage. Good lighting in a small space is vital. The more light there is in the bathroom (either natural or artificial), more clarity and balance will be seen. The order is important: use drawers, shelves and compartments to store cleaning supplies and beauty. The bathroom should be as neat as possible.


Model bathroom with wood furniture and strong artificial lighting. Balanced, symmetrical and collected, this small bathroom is an example of how you do not need a large area to decorate with style:

25 Bathrooms small nicely decorated kitchen bath

Dimensions for this small rectangular room bathroom, but where space is very well used with shelves in the hole in the wall:




42 Bathrooms small nicely decorated kitchen bath
modern bathroom with minimalist decor, whose style is based on rectangular black mosaic floor and wall. 
Space is not a problem to have a bathroom in condition, nicely decorated, stylish and practical:

Bathrooms small nicely decorated


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