Christmas Centerpiece table

Hello everyone, today I leave you with this great table center. You can decorate your party, using table centers as easy to do as we see now.

You can make several different for different surfaces or change it for Christmas and one for New Year.

Sometimes the simplest things are the most decorated. That glass or container whose shape always liked you, you can now use it to decorate the table.

c0374  caramelos

To see that everything you put in it and you can create a happy Christmas together, choose containers or containers that are transparent.

We see now is a beautiful glass vase .. see also around various trays and glasses where they have introduced sweet and colorful candies.

Because Christmas is color! Depending on how you want to decorate the table, you can choose one as protagonist or different colors.

The centerpiece also include a glass bowl full of goodies.

But these beans or candies are incorporated in a strategic way to create white and red vision.

The container must thoroughly clean and dry place, otherwise the candy will stick!

Once dry, add white candies for all the .. gorgeous! Then fill with a few handfuls of red or red and white candies, as in the case we see now.

This is followed by filling with candy white, you can put as many as you want. Then filled with red candies and so on.

As you’ll see bands difererntes creating colors. A great addition to the decor and most striking, for the holidays.

as you see it is very easy to do, while only takes a few minutes .. while you have candy to hand!

Remember that you can also add other types of candy or whatever you see fit. Jars fail!

photo;  realsimple

Christmas Centerpiece table


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