A sofa with a tub recycled

A recycling a tub sofa  for your living room, is a great to add a different touch in your home decor idea. Not always have to spend on buying something because it will be more attractive and it is true that new, but it is also true that something original loves every person have at home, especially if it is the result of their efforts and time to do so.

As you can see in the picture, now you can, if you decide to do, have a  recycled sofa  in the living room very attractive, perhaps on the deck or in a hallway of the house. What will you find on this flirty detail, you can do just recycle an old tub that you have abandoned safe in the closet or you can buy in the shops or antique vintage.

ef372  tina reciclada

To this end, you must do some DIY work and but are very good at it, you can ask for help to remove a portion of the tub. As it should be removed with equipment that requires careful handling it is better to take advantage of someone who has experience in it. The next step is grinding the edges, so as to remain with a very smooth texture.

You should buy or prepare if you are good seam, a mattress for recycling couch now you’;ll lounge in a fabric that matches or contrasts with the color of the tub. And of course, some cushions that will add colorful detail and comfort found to always have some on a couch.

So with little fact you have a new sofa, that will delight all who visit you, because by your originality away from any couch that is new and original, that would look good, but not all of it.

A sofa with a tub recycled


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