“Learn how to eat and cook” in this book featuring Disney characters

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These days there are many rental exploit children to help their parents in the kitchen. It is an entertaining way to learn the secrets of the kitchen, to which we can help with a title like this. ”Learn to eat and cook” a book featuring characters from Disney is for little chefs.

In it they see that cooking is fun, and encourages them to share, test and learn. A book recommended for children 3 to 6 years has simple recipes for all occasions and with 4 sections that report on the digestive system, nutrition, manners and source of food.

The recipes are divided into chapters according to the used recipes to surprise your guests at a party, take picnic recipes, recipes for recreation and recipes of the world, with different countries and their dishes which children can develop and taste.

Also at the end of the book there are several sections with vocabulary basics to learn to cook and an index of foods and dishes. All the tips on cooking safely, of course something for the kids that need our supervision.

The book “Learn how to eat and cook” with Disney characters is published by Everest in hardcover, color illustrated, has 135 pages and costs about 16 euros. We have already done a couple of delicious recipes … Bon appetit and happy New Year!

Official Site | Everest
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“Learn how to eat and cook” in this book featuring Disney characters


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