Nuts during pregnancy are not related to the increase in childhood allergies

A time that arose several studies linking the consumption of nuts during pregnancy does increase childhood asthmaand other allergies, especially to those foods by children.Now new research refutes that nuts during pregnancy is related to infant allergy .

The incidence of childhood allergy to nuts is significantly lower (5 times less) among children whose mothers had taken these foods during their pregnancy (more than 5 times a month) than among young mothers who had avoided.

The study was conducted by researchers at Children’;s Hospital Boston and the data are published in the journalJAMA Pediatrics . Its title is “A prospective study of consumption of peanuts and nuts during, before and after pregnancy and the risk of allergy in their offspring.”

The study included 10,907 children whose mothers had registered their diet during pregnancy and later recorded cases of childhood allergies to nuts who developed some of these children, proving the power that had followed their mothers.

It was found that the more mothers nuts consumed, the lower the risk to their children. This supports the hypothesis that early allergen exposure increases the likelihood of tolerance and therefore reduces the risk of food allergies in children.

However, the researchers note that further studies are needed to confirm these results. For now, it seems thatthere is no reason to avoid nuts during pregnancy , and also it is a healthy snack and one of the foods that can not miss in pregnancy , provided, of course, that the mother is not allergic to them.

Nuts during pregnancy are not related to the increase in childhood allergies


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