Tissue paper flowers to decorate the living room

Tissue paper flowers  in pretty colors to place in a vase in the living room, in the hallway, in a place where we want to brighten the room. It is best that these flowers are so attractive that wish to place them in various places in your home, and for that you will have more than enough agenciarte paper, scissors and a bit of pipe cleaner to hold it if you want to use, and make the flower stalk .

In this tutorial we show you, along sixteen images, you can learn how to make tissue paper flowers,  that will be as beautiful as the ones seen in the picture. The can be used to decorate the house for work manuals children at home and many times you want for example, put one on a gift or give away a beautiful bouquet on a birthday.

1036f  flores de papel tisu copia

As seen in the image, we used paper in a shade of pink with a lighter tone, fuchsia and yellow and white paper to make the center of the flower. How  to make tissue paper flowers is something that you will find in these images.

We will tell you that the tissue paper is a commonly used light consistency that makes it easy to manipulate and who had long used among other things, for a variety of craft, making flowers and other elements that are achieved easily. So it’;s not something really new, but it is something I always like and is worth learning to do.

Consider the following images where you can follow step by step, until a pretty flower, and as in these cases, the practice is our ally, as you’;re creating flowers,’;ll acquire skills and do more quickly.

1036f  flores de papel tisu

Tissue paper flowers to decorate the living room


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