Trends Fall Winter 2013/2014: the cake sweeter Slimline

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We open year! Although part of that, and the expectations that I have generated toward this 2014 , life goes on. And this brings forward a new edition of the Fall trends Invienro 2013/2014 that saw a few months ago on the catwalk and on the street now. And today we do with the sweet pastel colors and they are the ones who do not get fat, because everything else about cakes go directly to the cartridge. sweets Coats in sky blue , pink or cream have been installed in many stores and promise to be a must for this cold season . Do you feel like?


How is the collection for Carven ! How it is! Divine. Great, magnificent and spectacular. This is because itsoversize coats in blue or pink have enamored many but few can hold it in their closets. So we played the other versions make do with low-cost there at street level .

49c91  carven aw 2013


Among very pale pinks and creams very soft presents us the Céline collection . These clothes have nothing to do with the others who have succeeded in the collection: coats, sweaters and plaid skirts like abag to go to the market concerned.

49c91  celine aw 2013

Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci plays with contrasts and there should not be surprising that coats mauve presented with knee boots red passion. In addition, the candy in a soft version is a good choice to continue this trend without having to wear blue or pink . What do you think your proposals?

49c91  emilio pucci aw 2013


The gingham Prada presented in blue or pink tones to make the sets have a lot of personality . Do you convince the collection?

49c91  prada aw 2013

Simone Rocha

Rosa is the star key and more triumphed over the catwalk and hand Simone Rocha .

f5451  simone rocha aw 2013

Already you have tried to wear these shades in your day to day?

Trends Fall Winter 2013/2014: the cake sweeter Slimline


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