At Christmas more than ever, watch out for small parts

When we have small children at home, all we extreme caution to avoid any domestic accident, babies are very fast!

Christmas is a time when we often gather many adults and children with the subsequent riot, plenty of food available, many new toys … That is why on Christmas more than any other time of year we should be careful with small parts that are within the reach of small children.

The vacuum babies

Babies explore with their mouths. Some more, some less, but the oral is a period in the life of every baby that we must be very aware, as a neglect any small piece, sometimes the least we can imagine, can finish inside her mouth .

No it is not let them do anything but “ not to the mouth!”sure to be a phrase to repeat more than once a day for many months.

Babies have more holes of the mouth

There comes a time when many babies discover they have more holes besides her mouth, the sea of ​​curious holes in which coincidentally fit a lot of things that we know how come but maybe not very clear how it can go.

We at home know well to this type of chair, because although our first child was not given this type of scan, the small is a real specialist in getting things for the nose, ears and try up to the navel.

Small parts, little food … everything small!

Babies never cease to amaze. When we believe that we have your controlled environment, they have noticed something we had not seen it was there or have invented a way to turn something dangerous in theory was not.

Beyond hazardous foods such as nuts or toys that are broken down into pieces clearly too small, sometimes everyday objects can give us a scare . For instance, we use a large home slate for our work, which we painted with colored markers, especially for her, which carries a chenille cap to clear. However, in a careless set about starting this chenille with teeth, when he caught him and was ruminating as if it were bread crumbs.

Christmas and forgetfulness

Babies are fast, very fast! But if we join meetings with many people, be entertained prepare dishes or opening gifts, it may be enough for a small part time stay at your fingertips.

There also many novelties in sight! These Christmas tree full of ornaments, Nativity, small ribbons or cards that can bring the gifts, toys that do not bear parts may detach parts in contact with the saliva of an infant or a fall, such as stickers or batteries.

Although we have spent much of the holidays, we still have Kings Day with your roscón! And what brings the Kings’; cake? Well normally a figurine and bean, ideal for having a child a few years (note the irony) size. We, just in case, and in view of the ability of our small, the will for safekeeping before you can even see them.

Anyway, everything is full of small things that you did not notice before! And it is very difficult to have them all checked. What we will say to us how we are interrupted when a couple of days ago the little spit a macadamia nut not even know how he could attain.

Christmas gifts when children of different ages at home

Our 4 year old son already has an age that could start playing with toys with small pieces, as he no longer plays anything in the mouth and the hazards. However, at least for now, we have ruled that such toys come into our house because given the history of his little brother and recognizing that it is impossible for us to be alert at all times, who avoids the chance to avoid the danger . For now, the toys with small parts take a long time to get home, there will be time!

Where is the body, there is the danger

This is a classic but not old is also true: where the body is, there is the danger . Clearly we can not be aware of absolutely everything and at all times and, indeed, children need to leave them some room to explore, to realize for themselves that there are certain things that are dangerous.

But that does not mean it is worth remembering that at Christmas more than ever we must be especially careful with small pieces . And if we can remove them from its scope, much better!

At Christmas more than ever, watch out for small parts


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