Decorate with Christmas clouds

Hello friends, today I leave you with this series of Christmas clouds ideal to decorate any space.

It really is so nice and beautiful that you’;ll have to leave them in any season. But with the lights I thought it a good idea to make them during the holidays.

Yes, you will have all the trimmings and home, but it’;s also a good idea to place during other holidays throughout the year or for the holidays ahead.

88e8b  nubes iluminadas de algodon

Also clouds are so easy to make and such a beautiful result, you can not resist them.

Simply having cotton and some Christmas lights! Take a good piece of cotton, this will be a cloud .. gets as many pieces as ornaments want to do.

The thicker, the larger the cloud. Needless apelmazar excess cotton .. but it is true that you must give it some shape.

when you’;re finished, it’;s time to put the lights .. You see it’;s easy, you just get hook them somehow.

Try to use some strings of lights, but does not weigh much.This way you can link such and even the cotton thread sew a little.

When will be beautiful and will turn on a great show. You can make a beautiful set of these clouds and then put them on the roof. This gets a rope or something to support them, add a hook in the ceiling or on the walls.

When finished hang them from the ceiling, you will see how beautiful are. You can even be a great set for your baby’;s crib … provided they are secure these clouds.

If you wanted a special, different and nice decoration I leave you with these illuminated clouds, a good decoration for parties and not as parties.

Espero que os guste tanto como a mi.

foto: favim

Decorar con nubes navideñas

Decorate with Christmas clouds


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