Idea to customize the rack

Hello everyone, today I leave you with a great option to customize all your hangers.

Have wall hangers? Are practical and attractive, you can hang at the entrance of the house .. so you can leave all coats, bags, hats or whatever you need.

The racks, both wall as standing are very useful items ..and if you add a paraguero .. perfect!

14990  perchero

In the bedroom you can also put them to hang the gown, robe, belts, bags or whatever you want.

Another area where you can place it in the bedroom of your children, if you have or in the bathroom.

In this way the towels are a bit wet you can hang in there ..also other things you need.

There are very beautiful and elaborate racks, you can buy at almost any store .. there are so many prices as varied forms.

But today I give you a great idea, not only to make a hanger .. but to reuse that have deteriorated and customize it a bit.

If you have a handle on loose house, you’;ve seen a cheap spare knob or have any little job, you can use them!

As these small items and come prepared to screw, you just have to screw them into the table you have to rack.

Located, for each of the hooks, knobs drawers, doors or cabinets you gus8. Look, this time to see a beautiful white rose.

A very simple way to personalize all your hangers. If you have neither an idea is to take a wooden board.

Then the fine sandpaper to paint .. this time is white, but you can make in the color you want .. red, blue, green ..You can also add some pretty design.

Then, with the holes already performed and a great space between hook and hook, put the handles you more 

Idea to customize the rack


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