Learn to create variegated plants

The variegation of plants produced by genetic mutations that can affect different cells. Botanists can play certain types of variegation by infection with certain viruses. At home if we play a variegated plant we can do it by seeds or cuttings. Reproduction by seeds give us a number of plants not only be variegated and some that will be, so the best system to play variegated plants is by cuttings .

c72ea  Dracaena Marginata Cordyline abigarrada

Select a branch of the plant to reproduce, it must be a branch that has grown in the last season of plant growth.Also must not have or will have cut flowers a little earlier, so we made sure that the branch or bud is in full force. We will cut the branch closest to the part of the plant from which sprang.

Prepare a potted substrate for there variegated plants and plant cuttings nuestr0. If the cuttings planted directly in the ground there is much less likely to take root properly.Better let take root in the pots when transplanting development permits.

Before planting the cuttings in a container will remove the leaves from the lower third of the cutting in and sprinkle the bottom with growth hormone. This would promote the cuttings take root in that part. We plant the cutting in the pot, bury at least one-third (at least 7 cm should be buried) and will try to stay as upright as possible.

We will put our potted cuttings in a warm and bright place our home. But that does not receive sunlight directly and keep the soil moist but not water logging. The development will depend on the type of plant, there are many types of variegated plants and each has its own rhythm.


Learn to create variegated plants


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