The details for a Japanese-style dining

The Asian decorative trends continue their success in the Western world. Transparency, balance and harmony of decorative patterns that come from Asia are increasingly admirers. A good example of this harmony of which we speak are the eaters of Japanese homes , very zen style oriented and expressive minimalism, a trend that we can always adapt to our taste and style without losing an ounce of its essence.

810da  comedor estilo japones 01 480x334

They are very functional kitchens, where the table occupies an important place in the center of the room. One of the most important sights of this type of dining is that boththe table and the chairs are low, at ground level . In Japanese homes is eaten in a circle, barefoot on the mat, a type of thin mat. Unaccustomed, it is normal that we look a little weird at first, eating as close to the ground. And if you find it impossible, there are other models of slightly higher table Japanese style, while maintaining their usual characteristics.

810da  comedor estilo japones 02 480x304
bcab4  comedor estilo japones 03 480x303

Generally are wood-eating , barely decorated a lamp(extra lighting), or centerpiece (also zen style) or adecorative plant in the corner. The main magic of these proposals is the great harmony that emerges, and where the act of eating becomes almost a ritual. A very appropriate for quiet meals, romantic dinners with family, or for those seeking simply a different style proposals.

b6871  comedor estilo japones 04 480x360
b6871  comedor estilo japones 05 480x343

From traditional Japanese models, to more modern, in accordance with contemporary homes, these kitchens can be a good alternative to renew the style of our dining room.

909c2  comedor estilo japones 06 480x300


The details for a Japanese-style dining


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