Eight functional furniture ideas for small spaces

When space is a problem we must resort to ingenuity to our small apartment has all the amenities. We show below 8 very practical and ingenious to solve the problem of small apartment solutions. The lack of space can only fill with furniture that meets several functions, thus occupying the same space can serve many functions.

73d12  8 muebles multifuncionales 01

This column just one meter wide 2 functions for the side facing the kitchen we have space for microwave, oven and a cupboard. On the other side is part of the dining table. It is an idea of ​​the architects Fabiana Rocha and Lucia Ralston.

f2d63  8 muebles multifuncionales 02

This case study DT avoids having to build a wall to cover the pantry. Glass doors cover the 2 sides of the pantry area and hanging shelves.

164a8  8 muebles multifuncionales 03 e1378141471147

The end of the counter covers the washing in this kitchen.The last part of the hob is mobile and is the top of the sink next to the washer.

164a8  8 muebles multifuncionales 04

This modern bunk allows furnish a small child. Under the bed is higher desk. At the same time the lower bed can also be used as a sofa. A great example of multifunctionality to decorate a small child or youth room with a stick of furniture. It is an idea of ​​the architect Paula Neder.

172e9  8 muebles multifuncionales 05 e1378141501126

In this New York apartment of only 50 square meters and a single stay resorted to this solution to the sleeping area, providing greater privacy. While the estructrura was used as storage area.

d8189  8 muebles multifuncionales 06 e1378141513651

This muble to the living room is designed to maximize your space and storage area. Each and every one of its corners are designed for storage.

d8189  8 muebles multifuncionales 07 e1378141527314

This beautiful staircase-library and a clear example of one solution is of great beauty. Perfectly fulfills 2 functions and also decorated with beautiful design. This great design is the work of architect Sampaio Rosa May.

e64e6  8 muebles multifuncionales 08

A simple shelf helps us separate rooms at the same time is a storage area. No need to be very bulky, this specific only 20 cm deep, does not bother the staff and get traffic environments separate living room and bedroom.

Eight functional furniture ideas for small spaces


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