Rake in the special store Modern Times

As you know, over the last few weekends I have been sharing with you my personal selection of rakes and Christmas markets , where you can find interesting decorative gifts and cheaply. Today I bring you a new one, but not noticing the uniqueness of the building in which it is located, as in the past, but what is special about your offer.

And we are talking Modern Times , a store that just celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary offering original and exclusive pieces art deco antiques and twentieth century.

a2bc2  tiempos modernos 2

Founded in 1988, Modern Times is specialized in furniture, lighting, glass, ceramics and decorative items. Are original pieces, carefully restored, imported from France, Belgium, England, Germany, Italy, Denmark and other countries that have initiated and developed the major contemporary styles.

Modern Times is also an art gallery that works with painting, sculpture, photography and graphic works of the great Spanish and international artists of our time.

Rake offer a wide selection of these pieces at extraordinary prices and will be open in the store they have in the Plaza de Santiago Self 2, a very special place in the center of Madrid that brought back many memories of my childhood, until 11 January in 11 to 14 hours. morning and from 17 to 20h. afternoon.

Rake in the special store Modern Times


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