Terrazas urban style

The urban terraces are places where social life continues, where we carry out our favorite hobbies and where, ultimately, we have a space that allows us to enjoy the leisure and free time. Some terraces of such a size, let you enjoy many outdoor activities: barbecues, dinners, birthdays, holidays … and us, whether we are the guests, or the brand new host, we attended delighted. Most contemporary homes usually have this small outside corner, which can benefit substantially and converted into a leisure with a few ideas, whatever they may be their square meters.

a35dc  terrazas estilo urbano 01 480x320

We bring proposals to give these decks and patios a very interesting urban style, and serve us all: sun, hold a meeting or prepare the appetizer, as a resting place to read a book … or anyone who is our favorite outdoor activity.

96811  terrazas estilo urbano 02 480x316

Pay attention to this lovely terrace, small but full of style.With very few details can be obtained a perfect place like this, called to be the favorite corner of the house:

96811  terrazas estilo urbano 03 480x321

The first thing is to prepare a seating area. Depending on the dimensions that count our balcony (we also can serve as an outdoor patio) we can roughly locate some great seats. We refer particularly comfortable seating: sofas outside, any chair, puffs, and even hammocks. The point is to create a comfortable space and fill it with cushions to relax better. Do not forget to place some low tables nearby. The timber will be perfect and give an unmistakable air of urban terrace in this space.

fb5d8  terrazas estilo urbano 04 480x349

Some details of an urban terrace minimalist style: wood plank flooring, lanterns to illuminate social evenings and bamboo ornaments. The result is superb.

fb5d8  terrazas estilo urbano 05


Terrazas urban style


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